New energy network about car drivers are most worried about the problem solved!

New energy network about car drivers are most worried about the problem solved! Recently, all over the country have introduced a network of new regulations about the car, the topic of the new regulations continue on the Internet fermentation". For the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen such a city, most of the network about the car driver under the new regulations. In Shanghai, we are concerned about the issue of car drivers around the investigation and settlement. New Shanghai network network about standardizing the operation about the car regulations, additional network about cars should be registered in the city, motor vehicle emission standards to meet emission standards for more than five of the country; commercial vehicles vehicles should be through environmental protection and safety inspection, insurance business intercourse strong insurance, third party liability insurance business, passenger accident insurance, fixed type vehicle satellite positioning installation in accordance with the standards of the vehicle license plate is required; local Shanghai card, car fuel vehicles need to reach a distance of 2700 mm or more, the new energy vehicle wheelbase should reach more than 2650 mm. Beiqi new energy EU260 and EU260puls wheelbase 2650 mm wheelbase car about new network to fully meet the requirements, EU260 and EU260puls on mileage favorably, the longest live test continued endurance of 350 kilometers, to meet the daily travel requirements about cars, green 0 emissions, and enjoy free special plates in Shanghai. Their finest hour ", after the Shanghai brand new energy vehicles, daily travel mileage, net about car" term "these Regulations are resolved, network owners began about the near future. It is understood that in the purchase of pure electric vehicle owners, the vast majority of owners who are worried about the new energy vehicle charging problem. Don’t worry, it’s not a problem! To complete the "pile Chinese" in the first issue of charging, charging pile platform is developing rapidly, and BAIC new energy is the first in the country to have the development of charging pile pile, the pile of Shanghai and Beijing has reached more than 1000. For the majority of new energy vehicle owners to solve the difficult problem of charge, Beiqi new energy has spare no effort, consumers and businesses can receive free and install charging piles in the purchase of new energy Beiqi pure electric car. At the same time, Beiqi new energy and national grid to implement strategic cooperation in Shanghai, general manager of Beiqi new energy marketing company East Division Jiang Feng said: "the country has been promoting the new energy vehicle strategy, BAIC has put new energy vehicles as a strategic development. Where our car cloth, Beiqi new energy pile fabric where. It will be where we shop, the car with the past, the two complement each other. The number is expected to install the national grid charging pile will reach the end of 5000, next year is expected to reach 10000, we will be working in the special policy for the construction of pile group and charging service fees, car, pile, ground into a complete ecological chain, the better for the people of Shanghai travel service." As a result, in Shanghai, anytime, anywhere to find a charging pile charging will no longer be difficult, no more difficult to charge the trouble. Beiqi new energy good welfare policy too much! Is really dry, hard work of new energy vehicles business! The general manager of Beiqi new energy marketing company East Division Jiang Feng provided a practical solution according to the division of users: first, the nearest charging, using new energy Beiqi own charge.相关的主题文章: