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New Jersey train derailment caused hundreds injured station the station brake changed the original title: New Jersey train station: Eyewitness memories into basic brake Reference News Network reported on September 30th   Taiwan media said, a commuter train in September 29th morning rush hour rushed into New Jersey Hoboken station, killing more than and 100 people injured, the death toll is unknown. Witnesses said they saw 1 women trapped under concrete, many people bleeding. Taiwan "Central News Agency" website reported on September 30th, the television footage and photos showing the structure of train station and Heboken severely damaged. "The next thing I know is that we’re on the platform," New told NBC York news. It’s just a matter of seconds, but it feels like eternity." Passengers told reporters in New York, WNBC-TV, the train did not slow down in the pit. "The train never stops, the speed is really fast, the station is basically its brakes." He said that the train was full of people, especially the first two cars, because the first two cars are better to go to the station. Xia said: "I saw a woman trapped in concrete. A lot of people bleed, a person is crying." The train stops in the area between the waiting room of the station and the platform, a metal structure that covers the area is broken down. The Associated Press reported that the radio host WFAN test (John Minko) min told New York radio station WINS, "the train crossed the fence and crashed into the station waiting area". Source: Reference News Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: