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The new inventory: in October the new regulations that will affect your life tomorrow, a number of new regulations will be officially implemented: every word you said, in the micro-blog circle of friends, are likely to become evidence in court; "learn first to pay after the driving test regulations"; never hired cheating in the civil service examination; no "information of imported milk powder milk and fuzzy; in Beijing," temporary residence permits "upgrade" residence permit "; in Qingdao, keep a household limit in dogs…… Change a lot is very important! Look down, look about you down here every word you said in the circle of friends, are likely to become evidence in court by the supreme law, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "Regulations" on the handling of criminal cases collected some problems of extraction and examination of electronic data in October 1st formally implemented. Provides that electronic data is formed in the course of the case, in the form of digital storage, processing, transmission, to prove the facts of the case data. The web, blog, microblogging, circle of friends, Post Bar, SkyDrive and other network platform release information, and mobile phone SMS, e-mail, instant messaging, group communication network application service communication information are electronic data. "The first driving test after payment regulations" "motor vehicle driver training and teaching and Examination Syllabus" came into effect on October 1st. The new outline and make new adjustment on the part of the vehicle training hours, driving test fee charging mode, training mileage etc.. The new syllabus stipulates that the total hours of C1 card and C2 card were 62 hours and 60 hours, respectively, compared with the original requirements of less than more than and 10 hours. The driving test will be the implementation of "first regulation fee" mode. In the course of an examination before the students do not pay any fees, the subject of an examination of qualified students, and through the registration platform after successful registration, and then select the class and pay. In addition, the new outline also pointed out that each quasi driving training mileage minimum of not less than 300 km, subjects and subjects of the test can be three together. Disable the "milk powder imports of milk" and "fuzzy information of infant formula milk powder product formula registration" shall be implemented as of October 1, 2016. Measures clear that domestic infant formula milk powder production and imports in China will be the reference drug management, registration management, and strictly limit the applicant qualifications. Approach made it clear that the raw milk, milk powder and other raw materials that the sources of raw materials, shall truthfully indicate the specific source or source country, may use the imported milk source "from abroad" pasture "ecological pasture" "imported raw materials such as fuzzy information. At present, 103 infant formula milk powder production enterprises in China there are nearly 2000 recipes, or even individual enterprises have more than 180 formula. For infant formula milk powder formula, formula of excessive and making random, way difficult choice of consumer issues, requirements, each enterprise shall not exceed 3 of a series of 9 kinds of product formula formula. Civil service exam cheating will never hire civil service exam discipline violations approach since October 1, 2016 implementation. Applicants who have been cheating or participate in organized cheating and other serious violations of discipline, will never be allowed to enter Kai相关的主题文章: