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The New Zealand earthquake has not yet received China casualties report – Beijing Xinhua news agency in Wellington on 14 November, (reporter Su Liang) according to China in New Zealand Embassy confirmed that 14 occurred in the early morning in the South Island’s 7.5 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks, has not yet received reports of casualties Chinese citizens. Chinese Embassy in New Zealand and Chinese in Christchurch consulate confirmed that in the past 4 hours after the earthquake, has not received reports of casualties are Chinese citizens, embassies and consulates will continue to pay attention to the local Chinese security of citizens, to maintain communication with the government of New Zealand, providing consular protection and assistance timely for Chinese citizens in need. Local time 14 days 0 when 2 points (13, 19 Beijing 2 points), the South Island of New Zealand central region occurred 7.5 earthquake, the epicenter is located in the Central South Island town 15 kilometers northeast of Carle VIRDEN, the focal depth of 15 km. The New Zealand Civil Defense Department has issued a tsunami warning, the first wave of small tsunami has arrived. According to New Zealand radio reported that after the earthquake, only a few hundred people in the small town of Karl Forden power supply interruption, a number of houses collapsed chimney. According to the New Zealand Civil Defense Department news, power supply fault and roads, bridges and buildings damaged also appear in the north of South Island city.相关的主题文章: