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"Next life also do my dad" on Xiaolilin Yikusitian – Sohu Xiaolilin entertainment entertainment news played high clouds Sohu directed by Liu Erwei, Yong Hou, Like Wang, et Xiaolilin starring drama "next life also do my dad" last night (November 7th) released in Jiangxi satellite TV, Hubei satellite TV in November 10th with broadcast warmth. The collection of Hongkong and the mainland actress, about 1960s, the man of the northwest camel stick to love commitment, raising non pro children, with the touching story of a thousand miles tracing. Xiaolilin played Ganaiganhen Prairie Girl high clouds in the play, because of love and they grew up together by the family adopted brother camel (Hou Yongshi), then has been around and infatuation waiting for decades, eventually clouds without fear of "brothers and sisters" identity in the harvest in twilight years truly belong to own love. It is understood that when the whole crew shooting next life also do my dad through the Inner Mongolia, Suzhou and other cities, but most of the play is taken in Inner Mongolia, conditions are very difficult. Xiaolilin said the crew was to catch up, everyone is a good few days running shot into the night, it also often let Xiaolilin back in the winter of that year, Inner Mongolia really is not an ordinary cold, but later moved to Suzhou at the moment of bursting with happiness. It is reported that by the Xiaolilin starring City emotional drama "next life also do my dad" is Jiangxi TV broadcast in two 19:30 every night, the next will continue to landing Hubei TV prime time in November 10th.   相关的主题文章: