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Mobile-Cell-Phone Nokia may have been busy with the Maemo for a while and they have been sidetracked by the N97 problems (which was never resolved). But that does not mean the mobile phone giant will be taking time off from developing new phones. The ever productive Finnish company just announced recently that they will be bringing out the Nokia 6700 Slide.The 6700 slide phone is a budget level 3G phone and is doing fairly well. Unlike many of the other mobile phones on the market, the Nokia 6700 slide has some of the better features and even has a decent price. You can get the Nokia 6700 for as low as 197 pounds. This is an amazing rate and is currently only available as a sale rate through Nokia directly. Yes, it is midrange, but this phone can definitely hold its own in a modern high tech world. Eye catching and affordable is something that everyone is looking for. Has Nokia done it again? Seems highly likely! The new NOKIA 6700 slide provides the dimension of 95.2 x 46.1 x 15.9 mm and weigh 110 grams. Thickness is always an issue with sliding phones but the new 6700s are going to change that. The handset comes with a 2.2 inch TFT display screen that offers excellent colour reproduction by virtue of its 16 million colour display capabilities.In addition both ring and vibration alert options are provided with the opportunity to download polyphonic and MP3 ringtones available, or the option to utilise existing MP3 music files as ringtones. 45 MB of internal memory is provided for storage of data such as media files. A micro SD slot is also included. This comes with a pre-installed 2GB memory card; however this can be increased to 16 GB by installing a larger memory card should more storage be required. This phone has some of the best! With a five megapixel camera included on each and every one, you are sure to be able to take some stunning pictures. A Carl Zeiss lens is always included as well, so you are sure to get the high definition shots that you have wanted. The HSDPA connection provides internet access at a fast 10.2 Mbps speed, ensuring fast and effective web browsing, whilst the class 32 versions of GPRS and EDGE offer complimentary connectivity options. The handset also comes with a 2.1 version of blue tooth which incorporates A2DP as well as version 2 of micro USB. Ovi Share is one of the best features of Nokia 6700 slide. This is a feature that allows you to do more social networking than ever. Your photos that you have taken can be shared instantly with your friends. You can also shoot and edit videos on your phone and then feel free to upload them quickly and easily to Youtube. As for music playback, the phone can play audio file for 29 hours straight. No word yet if this device is compatible with other Nokia batteries, as that would allow you to use a higher capacity battery. The phone is aluminum, available in six stunning colors: aluminum, pink, red, lime, purple, and petrol-blue. It is quite slim, which draws the attention of even the pickier users, and it has solved several issues that many have had with previous Nokia phones. About the Author: By: Jemma Barsby – Phones and tablets have formed an integral part of our lives. They have managed to conquer our daily routine like nothing else. These phones and tablets help us reach the world and to our families if we are away from them. By: Neeraj Rathoure – Selling your cell phone is synonymous to saving the environment, making a couple of bucks, and simply getting rid of historical electronics which are, good useless to you. However before you go browsing and promote that cell, you w … By: Jemma Barsby – Mobile phones are definitely the one thing that has made the most of our lives. 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