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Noon announcement: Bohai PPP project shares of a subsidiary of the pre bid sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on tournament Bohai Lin shares Niugu shares: the project pre bid and the limit of stock in August 29, 2016, the Hebei provincial government procurement network publicity "water treatment in Lulong county and other municipal engineering project pre bid PPP notice", Bohai shares (000605) with a wholly owned subsidiary of Tianjin Binhai Water Industry Group Co. Ltd. and Jiacheng Environmental Protection Engineering Co. Ltd. which was identified as the water treatment in Lulong county and other municipal engineering project pre bid supplier PPP. The content of PPP project planning includes 22 sub projects. The construction of livestock farming district 49; the construction of sewage treatment facilities a total treatment capacity of 105 thousand tons; water supply scale of 114 thousand and 300 tons a day; comprehensive utilization of sludge, slurry water sediment, excreta and other project processing capacity of 180 thousand tons; heating area of 635 thousand and 300 m2; the new sewage collection pipe network 115.57km, the new water supply network 124.6km, new the heating pipe network 1.74km. If the project is successfully implemented, will have a positive impact on the future operating results of Bohai shares. In addition, the company shares in today’s trading limit. Meinian health: the implementation of ESOP intends to fund-raising 500 million yuan beauty health 30 noon announcement, the board of directors approved approved "on < in the United States health industry Cmi Holdings Ltd in 2016, the employee stock ownership plan (Draft) > and summary of the motion". Notice that the employee stock ownership plan to raise the total amount of funds to 500 million yuan, the employee stock ownership plan and the specific amount of the amount of the contribution to determine the amount of contribution. The source of funds for the company’s employees is legal salary, self financing and other means permitted by laws and administrative regulations. The employee stock ownership plan AVIC trust Limited by Share Ltd intends to entrust with asset management qualification (hereinafter referred to as the "China Aviation trust") management, and fully subscribed by the aviation trust capital trust plans to set up the priority share plan. To set up the trust fund (directly or indirectly through a single trust fund asset management plan) to two grade market purchase, purchase and other bulk trading laws and regulations permit the way to obtain and hold the healthy stock, since the general meeting of shareholders of the company to complete the purchase within 6 months after the employee stock ownership plan. The shareholders of the company of Beijing Carlyle Investment Center (limited partnership) may become the bulk of transactions in the transfer. Intends to set up a set of Funds Trust shares of the upper limit of 1 billion yuan, the proportion of the share of the priority plan and the proportion of poor post plan share is not more than 1:1. Yan Huazhineng: part of the equity shareholders of the company to terminate the pledge announcement Yan Huazhineng announced on August 30th that: the big shareholders Yanhua hi tech holdings of 13 million shares of the company shares on August 29th pledge to lift in advance. As of the announcement date of disclosure, the company holds 131001321 shares held by China Hi Tech shares, accounting for the total share of the company相关的主题文章: