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"Octopus lottery]09 broke the news: Nigeria football fans were on sale today with SMG 23 games, the following is the octopus broke the essence. On Sunday 005 Nigeria Nigeria fans fans fans infighting away because of zero at the airport before takeoff and FA unhappy, both sides failed to reach an agreement, the final with the football association to abandon this batch of fans, Nigeria’s Sports Minister even rushed to the airport to mediation, to resolve conflicts, we must first unite their hope. But there is no doubt that the victim is Nigeria, away from the game they will not have their fans to the scene. Nigeria before the departure of Zambia on Friday, once again suffered the football association in arrears of the storm, the Football Association promised that they will receive the bonus before takeoff, but did not issue. Players once threatened to refuse to fly, the football association officials had to bring oil tycoon, the club owner went to the hotel to appease players. Fortunately, the government came forward to intervene in this matter, so that players feel at ease to play, and promised the previous bonus, the team members to buy their own tickets will be compensated as soon as possible. It is worth mentioning that the coach Locher in evaluation for yourself if you received on time when he refused to pay, said their task is the team achieved scores in Zambia. The Germans are currently only $47 thousand a month. Kosovo Coach: Sunday 010 2020 European Cup and World Cup Kosovo Ukraine training third group phase will be arranged in Poland of krakow. Kosovo last round 0:6 defeat in Croatia, coach Bunyaki said after the game that the loss is very helpful for the growing team, but he also bluntly that their goal is the 2020 European cup. At present, the Kosovo national team is very young, there are 9 players were born in 1994. On Sunday 018 Italy qualifier 10 years unbeaten since September 2006, Italy in the 52 world cup or European Cup qualifying unbeaten, the Azzurri is fully deserve qualifying of the king. Now the effect of the Genoa occupation career Pandev long-term effectiveness of Serie A, has played for Lazio, Milan international and Naples in Serie A giants, occupation career, Pandev was 6 times of the goal guarded by Gianluigi Buffon, 2011 Naples had a single field effect may open two degrees. In the interview, he also talked about the current Italy coach Ventura, he said: I understand Ventura, in the 2009-10 season, he led the two time in the face of the international Milan. In his team, everyone can control the ball, including the goalkeeper."相关的主题文章: