On the poor sexy sister, I only serve her (video)-happynewyear

The poor milk sexy sister, I only take her with rosy with charm, with fresh lily pure, is like a magnet attraction, people can not resist. She is Stacy Martin, nicknamed little sister ting. Stacy has always been a quiet low-key Martin in the recent back to the magazine cover, into our line of sight, a stunning. If you don’t say much, come to appreciate the beauty. "InStyle" UK September 2016 "ES" August 2016 let Xiao Bian understand that there is a "Ge You lying" called someone else’s house, "lying on the bed," said Ge You". "ES" Magazine August 2016 you know I hate the camera angle that can I. "InStyle" UK September 2016 estimated that some people are now eating black melon question mark face, do not know who is talking about small series. Well~ then let Xiaobian science. Stacy Martin is an English model and actress born in Paris, france. Her eyes clear, thin body, slightly melancholy literary temperament, is definitely called the first beauty of facial features. Liu Wen: I’m not a high cold model I love laugh eat sister made her famous works is her screen debut "female addicts", she played the young Joe inside. Alone Ting Mei, inevitably to the camera and the audience showed body. But the big picture is the last piece of borrow a stuntman. Click to play GIF 1814K but with respect to the 18 ban and no domestic sources in the film, we estimate for the few movies from the conference should be higher awareness of Mei ting. This time frame is a beauty scene painting art. Although Ting sister debut has been a lot of film and television works, but in addition to female addicts, the other is not warm not fire can not let her into the public view. But the identity of the model she has always been to surprise us. She is MiuMiu’s favourite, too many For Miu advertising endorsements season Miu’s First FragranceFor Miu Miu F W 2015-2016Miu Miu F W 2014 in Ting sister is one of the few business activities, attend MiuMiu activities will occupy half of the country. See MiuMiu favor and attention to Ting sister, also have to mention is that with a few clear Mei Ting silk art depression temperament and style has always been MiuMiu Met and BAFTAs Gale agree without prior without previous consultation like a big sister, Ting is cannot do without the blessing of beauty miumiu. Frankly speaking, Xiaobian two Met Gala the other feeling with the aura is Mei Ting match, not amazing sense. In the BAFTAs red skirt shape is very sexy, with cold Mei Ting charm temperament is highly fit ~Met Gala 2014Met Gala 2016BAFTAs 2016 and recently held in London in the movie ".相关的主题文章: