Online travel pattern undecided who will dominate the next industry mergers and acquisitions darren hayes

Online travel pattern undecided who will dominate the next industry mergers and acquisitions? Science and technology Tencent, Korea and the United States online travel industry to maintain a short period of calm for nearly a year, may be about to be broken by the merger of the capital level and the level of business is expected to break the fierce confrontation. A week ago, Ctrip announced that it will open, private sales of shares and convertible bonds, to raise about $2 billion of funds to support investment and mergers and acquisitions. Sensitive time Ctrip overwhelmed by the positive market fund-raising, not long ago the United States flag wine business group tour group comments came off the news sparked on the speculation will be merged with ctrip. However, in the face of speculation, the United States Mission reviews wine brigade group president Chen Liang and Ctrip large accommodation group CEO has denied the Tencent technology merger rumors. But Ctrip raising a pond disturbed, and therefore did not calm down. The use of capital means and holding $2 billion in cash Ctrip, who is targeting the prey, affecting the industry sensitive nerves. At the same time, the way cattle in the previously announced $150 million stock repurchase program, about whether it plans to privatize the return of A shares market speculation ensued. On the other hand, the progress of the parties in the capital market negotiations are constantly changing, between Ctrip, the way cattle, beauty group and even the same way other companies still have a variety of possible mergers and acquisitions. If you take into account the huge loss of tourism industry situation, similar to the new merger of the travel market integration will be inevitable. Ctrip exclusion beauty group comment, the same way, way cattle have been speculated to be Ctrip acquisitions, but this speculation with James Liang’s position becomes whirling. This week, the chairman of the board of directors of Ctrip and CEO Liang Jianzhang for the first time in a foreign response, said: Ctrip investment enterprises, will be profit oriented." And stressed that the market rumors Ctrip will acquire the U.S. mission Hotel, does not meet the current situation, the United States has been profitable Hotel Group argument, in fact, is a false proposition." This statement, the short term, and the U.S. has no comment on Ctrip merger may, at the same time, "profit oriented" investment strategy, also means that there are still at a loss in the way cattle do not Ctrip acquisition target list. But the acquisition of Ctrip’s goal is not for fund-raising purposes, are untraceable, Ctrip announcement explained that: business organic growth in complementary business to facilitate investment and mergers and acquisitions, and other general corporate purposes. And Sun Maohua said in response to the merger rumors Tencent technology has said, from the perspective of the future layout, Ctrip will be determined to strengthen investment in the low star market." At the same time, Liang Jianzhang position, from the current situation, the hotel chain has now been from the u.s.. Low star hotel market is the main object of the Department of Ctrip and beauty group for comment, but the economy hotel chain is an important supply of low star hotel market, if the Department of Ctrip hotel group launched off for the United States mission to the United States mission will comment, comment of the hotel reservation service has great influence. Who is the prey? Ctrip and the United States Mission in the review of this low star hotel market competition, Ctrip and the presence of several major chain hotel group’s capital links can not be ignored. First, the platinum Tao and Ctrip holds elong shares, and the presence of capital related. 2015 on May, Ctrip hand platinum Tao acquisition Expedia holds 62.4% eLong shares.相关的主题文章: