Open up a new world! Inhumans or join the marvel fourth stage-zngay

Open up a new world! "Inhumans" or join the marvel fourth stage in fact, has been struggling to open a new world of the marvel studios in the Marvel Universe this film under the foot work. Familiar with the universe of the universe should be fully aware of the Wei Wei film universe, the first phase of the second phase has long been completed, and the third phase of the plan has been almost open to the public. Marvel vision has always been the chess first. Always long, recently Marvel studios CEO Kevin · Fitch said, "inhumans" or a movie in the marvel fourth stage. In April this year, marvel announced the "inhumans" film from the third stage time schedule to evacuate. Recently, marvel studios CEO Kevin · Fitch also said that the "inhumans" or a movie in the marvel fourth stage. Kevin · Fitch said "I think" this thing "inhumans can certainly, but I don’t know the time. Their story is on tv. I think when we enter the fourth stage, it was made into a film. I think it will be great!" In fact, long ago Marvel announced to "inhumans" movie. In October 2014, marvel announced third stage film, "the inhumans" scheduled for November 2, 2018, at the beginning of 2015 and adjusted to July 12, 2019. In October 2015, for the first time heard "" inhumans project was cancelled because of the news, Kevin · Fitch on behalf of the marvel studios with marvel in charge of television entertainment sector not caused by, despite the "Aegis Bureau agents" has many inhumans pave the way, but the two party split makes the promotion of the project is difficult. And in April of this year, marvel announced the "inhumans" Confessions of the third stage. In May 3, 2019, the third phase of the final film of the "complex", after the beginning of the development of the diffuse Wei in the fourth stage. According to this schedule backward, foreign media said the soonest after 2020 only want to see the movie "inhumans". Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: