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The 7 seat layout of FAW Jilin new SUV test – – Sohu [Sohu] car new car on or before the domestic media exposed a group of suspected Jilin FAW new SUV shell test spy. According to Jilin FAW latest product planning, positioning the car will be higher than the Xenia R7, or with the seven seat layout, is expected to officially launch in 2017. From the spy photos we can see, the car uses the Xenia R7 casing of camouflage, headlights and other R7 has slightly different, in addition, in the C column after the part of the car were also temporary, suspected to be lengthened. From the side of the testing vehicle can more clearly see the car, rear wheel arches are widening obvious traces based on Xenia R7 models, so the rear wheel rim is not at the center position of the rear wheel arches. Therefore we are more convinced this is the FAW Jilin launched a new SUV, body size will be longer Beeson James R7, located in the compact seven seat SUV. A new car or using the Xenia R7 automatic models low version test, the control panel for embedded design (Xenia R7 automatic with models will use 9 inch suspension control panel), and may be equipped with six speed automatic transmission is the same, the interior is expected to mass production will in the new design. Information about the car’s power is not clear, more information we will continue to focus on.相关的主题文章: