Oriental charm hand in hand – East China North China Marketing Center 2016 winter and spring interna minmi

"The charm of the east to sail" — the eastern North China Marketing Center 2016 winter and spring international products will promote the two major Sohu news September 22nd, eastern North China Marketing Center held in eastern Beijing Grand Metropark Hotel Suzhou 2016 winter spring international product promotion. The promotion will focus on the introduction of the East China Sea 2016 winter and spring new routes, international routes products and platinum card VIP membership interests. One point: the general manager of the new season route preferential benefits Beijing branch of China Eastern Airlines, North China Marketing Center Assistant General Manager Yang Yang attended the meeting and delivered a welcome speech. He has long supported and helped the Chinese side of the partnership to express his sincere thanks to the outstanding contributions made by China Eastern Airlines for their good economic and social benefits. Yang Yang pointed out that as the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, while the eastern face of a critical period of the overall move to the second airport in the capital, opportunities and challenges. The new period, China will continue to make a breakthrough in the scale of fleet, route network, alliance cooperation, continue to increase investment in the international airline capacity, strengthen the construction of talent team, improve service ability, give full play to the Beijing hub, bring more convenient high-quality travel services for passengers in North china. In recent years, China continued to force in the international route network layout, only in this year opened a new Chicago, Prague, Amsterdam, Madrid, St Petersburg, Brisbane and other international routes, through Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Kunming hub network, provide more choices for outbound travelers. 2016 winter flight season, China is about to open in Beijing (Hangzhou) Sydney route, fly the Airbus A33E models, on Tuesday, four, six class every Wednesday. Plus every Monday, three, five of Beijing (Nanjing) Sydney flights, China Eastern Airlines weekly flight from Beijing to Australia will be increased to class 6. To celebrate this sailing, especially Eastern Airlines launched the inaugural flight mission and a series of preferential activities. From November 15th to December 31st, Beijing to Sydney economy class round-trip ticket only 800 yuan, business class round-trip ticket only 8800 yuan. At the same time, Eastern miles through China Eastern Airlines passengers can also participate in the official website of "straight" and "flash" and "buy" and other more promotions. In addition, the winter season, the new Beijing – Nagoya flight class every day, Beijing – Osaka, Beijing – Bali Island encryption to class every day. In view of the above routes, China Eastern Airlines launched South Korea 7-42 days, 14-60 days in Southeast Asia fit long-term sale of special products, as well as the special two class, preferential upgrades, travel packages and other products, passengers can have more travel options. Two things: the distinguished service experience as another bright spot in the eastern platinum the promotion, is a recent concern by many Eastern "Platinum" VIP membership rights. In order to better serve the eastern high-end travelers, Oriental Wanlixing VIP card based on the original gold and silver card on the launch of the "white card have more rights". According to the rules of passenger travel every year to reach 160000 points or up to 90 times the number, you can upgrade to platinum. Compared to other airline service content of platinum, platinum group has its own unique advantages,)相关的主题文章: