Original Shushan Xia continued Purple Blue Sword delete files test today dingxiangwuyuetian

Original Shushan Xia continued "Purple Blue Sword" today delete files test Shushan 3D real-time combat Mobile Games "Purple Blue Sword" today on Android system open paid delete files test. Millet, Ali, 360, OPPO, VIVO games, HUAWEI 6 channel in today’s 11 point volley. The same Shushan classic, innovative and competitive play the ultimate beautiful picture take you through to the legend of the world a surge high and sweep forward. The ultimate aesthetic quality reproduction Shushan world "Purple Blue Sword" Mobile Games uses industry-leading U3D engine production, create a Xian Xia world a beautiful. The game Xian Xia classical wind screen, exquisite exquisite cool effects, dynamic Q adorable 3D characters and fighting details lead into the game player in addition to the magic dragon Shushan world.   one of the highlights of the battle experience amazing athletic play multiplayer screen refreshing "is also intense sign by the purple blue sword". The game combines a variety of PVE, PVP and GVE play, either alone or in team Deathmatch can get Yuanmin release here. Perfect various fighting effects and dazzling gorgeous skill effects of fusion, let you every time a sword to go all out. Join the "Purple Blue Sword" in the world of fairy sword, sword flying getaway, red sign xt.   the first seiyuu gathered create auditory feast in addition to the ultimate aesthetic style, classic blood Xian Xia a variety of gameplay, the ups and downs of the wonderful story, "Purple Blue Sword" equipped with Ultra Luxury seiyuu and music team, invited the country’s top voice team photosynthetic product wood God throughout the game voice vocals. In the "Purple Blue Sword", the God of their interpretation of the classic Shushan seiyuu voice, Shushan classic legend, love and hate to game player meanders.   blood has a three regeneration waves. Your highness, the job is purple, Qing demons, also a time of national peace and order. In September 12th 11, "to become Shushan top you to purple blue sword".相关的主题文章: