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Original: using social media to build tourism – tourism Sohu social media makes the world to shorten the distance, this is the consensus reached very smart travel agency. Social media has become popular in the world, travel agencies take full advantage of this. In this way, the travel agency’s customer base has expanded to a global scale, and these customers travel to all corners of the world. Studies have shown that tourists have great interest in the emerging hot spots. Hipmunk online travel platform, the latest data show that exotic places are very attractive to tourists. For example, in the summer, the capital of French Polynesia Papeete search volume soared 84%. There are two other local search volume also increased search volume: the southern port city of Denpasar in Indonesia increased by 60%, the search volume increased by 61% in Cochin, India. On the contrary, the amount of search in southwest Asia increased by only 11%, while the amount of search in Western Europe increased by only $2%. Next, let us together to uncover the secret social media to build tourism hotspots: 1 followed by hot topic Farewell Travels company is located in Westport, Connecticut United States Dick, Susan Farewell is the general manager of the company. She is very concerned about the hot topics on the Internet, she said: "we have been paying close attention to the trend of social media. We know that our customers are likely to be affected by visitors from around the world. For us, it’s just as important for a couple to go on honeymoon at the same time as the North American couple. The earth has gradually become a global village, our job is to keep up with fashion trends and trends." 2 focus on hot harvest fans Century Travel Explore is located in Atlanta, USA, Melissa Rosenbloum is the company’s general manager, she has always been concerned about the latest trends on Twitter. "Social media has narrowed the distance between the world," she said. "We preferred Twitter as a tool for mining travel news and popular tourist destinations. I’ve been watching more than 1 thousand and 600 people on Twitter, and I’ve had so many fans." Mosaico Travel is located in Salt Lake City, USA, John Montgomery is the general manager of the company. He has 18000 "hardcore fans" on the image sharing platform Instagram, so many fans have been accumulated over the past two years. 3 insist on innovation remain mysterious Montgomery always come into contact with some not very well-known attractions, this is because of his own travel agency Instagram account to the staff management of the local hotel or resort for a week, so he can let the fans enjoy the local landscape. "We authorize hotels and resorts to use our accounts," Montgomery said. "But we have to decide how many photos can be taken at that time. We have worked with the Vik resort, Vik resort in Chile and Uruguay have t相关的主题文章: