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Orville communication restructuring is not to reform three degrees will hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you the reporter, editor Doug falls Qi Qiu Jiang defeats your opponent, Orville communications you can never change. Since last May to disclose the Mobile Games developers snow carp so far, Orville communication has two articles offer a pass through the Commission, is to withdraw the application, once rejected, but Orville Communications said it will continue to promote the restructuring of this major asset reorganization committee, according to the audit opinion to modify the program again will. As the key constraints of restructuring of a ring, the snow carp revenue forecast uncertainty is one of the main direction of the. Orville communications acquired snow carp can be traced back to May last year. At that time, the company announced that the non-public offering of shares to raise funds not more than 1 billion 770 million yuan, of which $1 billion 540 million for the acquisition of 100% stake in snow carp. Snow carp was founded in 2005, the main business for the development and operation of mobile games, as well as mobile gaming channel access platform operations. Counterparty commitments, snow carp in 2015, in 2016, in 2017 net profit of 110 million yuan, respectively, $143 million and $186 million. In September last year, the SFC accepted, but Orville communications in December to withdraw the application. The company explained that due to the non-public offering plan released so far, many changes occurred in the capital market, in order to effectively restraint and incentive snow carp shareholders, protect the rights and interests of small shareholders, the company and the snow carp future cooperation more long-term, close and stable, with the in-depth communication and exchanges, the company intends to terminate the non disclosure the issuance of shares to raise cash to buy 100% stake in the snow carp and add liquidity issues. At the same time, the company will plan to snow carp shareholders Cheng Xueping, Yu Simin and Zhu Yinan ‘s issuance of shares and payment of cash to buy snow carp 100% stake and raise matching funds, the transaction constitutes a major asset restructuring. In March this year, Orville communication out of the restructuring plan, the company intends to issue shares and cash totaling 1 billion 860 million yuan to acquire 100% stake in snow carp. After the completion of the transaction, Orville communications will increase the mobile game business based on mobile communication, through the "operation support + content service model to enhance the company’s competitive advantage in the field of mobile internet. June, the Commission accepted the restructuring plan. However, in September 14th, the Commission sixty-seventh mergers and acquisitions committee work conference, Orville Communications issued shares and the payment of cash to buy assets matters not get through. From the audit commission given that earnings uncertainty has become the constraints of the reorganization of the mishap. The audit opinion pointed out that the subject of the transaction, the company’s future earnings forecast basis, revenue forecast uncertainty is large, does not comply with the relevant provisions of the "management measures" major asset restructuring of listed companies eleventh. Before and after the comparison of the two programs can be found, in the case of the basic management of snow carp did not change significantly, the new transaction price is more than 9 months ago, the overflow theory相关的主题文章: