Overseas Chinese media in the eyes of Xinjiang This is a vibrant place-haywire

Overseas Chinese media in Xinjiang: "this is a vibrant place" – Beijing, Beijing, September 20 Urumqi Xinhua (reporter Zhu Jingzhao Zhang Ge) "regardless of the city or the countryside, roads and other infrastructure is good, the street environment is beautiful", the 20 day of a visit to Xinjiang, in a number of after the city, "said the European Times" East European Edition Director Lu, can feel the local people live and work in peace. In the 2016 "cultural Chinese – Overseas Chinese media in Xinjiang" from the five continents 23 overseas Chinese media, September 16th to 19, has Silk Road Economic Belt the important city of Qitai County, Kuitun City, Jinghe County, Huoerguosi District, Yining city were interviewed. Lu Li told reporters, had heard of Shenzhen SAR, Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Huoerguosi has not heard of Sino Kazakh cross-border Free Trade Zone, came to Huoerguosi in Kazakhstan cooperation center, saw a lot of Chinese tourists at the duty-free store shopping, Kazakhstan’s purchase of Chinese home textile products. "I China trade with Kazakhstan is so hot, so I thought of the ancient Silk Road of prosperity", he said, Xinjiang is a vibrant place, he will see the trip spread to more overseas Chinese and foreigners, so that they understand the real Xinjiang. Overseas Chinese media reporters interviewed in the Huoerguosi Special Administrative Region to engage in import and export business. Zhu Jingzhao photo "South Africa Africa times" reporter Sun Xianglu e-commerce in Kuitun city is impressive, with "surprise" to describe his feelings. The city’s e-commerce incubator Industrial Park to build a platform for young people, local entrepreneurs are the implementation of the "buy Xinjiang to sell the country to sell global online strategy, Xinjiang to high-quality green agricultural products sold in the country and the world. The city also has the earliest cross-border electricity supplier in Western china. "This is also in the forefront of the country," he said, to the city, found an orderly management, the concept of managers ahead, it is difficult to imagine the "backward" link. In the car always sat in the front of the "New Silk Road" to observe newspaper editor Guli Jet, 2009 by Qusay? Learning a year Chinese in Xinjiang Normal University. She felt that Xinjiang was very beautiful and developed quickly. "The government of the minority’s concern and support for large," she said, in the city of Yining Gurkha praise its folk tourist area, see the local government to provide employment and opportunities to earn money to them, which can improve their quality of life, the more important is that they live in houses and streets without demolition and renovation, but preserved but, in infrastructure optimization, which protect the minority culture and religion, and make the city more colorful. "It can be seen that the local minority people are working hard," she said. It is reported that, according to the activities of the arrangement, overseas Chinese media 20 pm, the Fifth China – Asia Europe Expo conducted an interview report. Once lived in Xinjiang, Australia, the southern hemisphere magazine President Zhang Xuyi said it was looking forward to. (end)相关的主题文章: