Paclantic cloud uniform fashion debut 2016 Beijing Fashion

Paclantic "cloud" uniform fashion debut 2016 Beijing fashion week by Beijing textile and clothing industry association, Beijing fashion holdings limited liability company and the "fashion Beijing" magazine hosted the 2016 Beijing fashion week in September 23rd to 29 in Beijing, Lai Jin cultural and Creative Industry Park held, attracted many people’s eyes. In September 25th, Paclantic brand uniforms to "clothing" cloud, with a new design concept and design a variety of aesthetic education "break the normal procedure debut 2016 Beijing fashion week, the big show is full of fashion and uniform symbol China elements with a break. Founded in 1994, Paclantic company is one of the earliest children’s clothing brand. Over the past more than and 20 years has always been focused on the field of children’s wear in the field of design and research and development, and gradually grow into a leading brand of children’s clothing industry, witness and accompanied by the growth of China’s children’s industry. Paclantic for fifteen consecutive years won the "Chinese ten children’s clothing brand" is the first China garment industry "Oscar" Awards – children’s clothing brand Chinese fashion brand annual award, the Beijing fashion week Paclantic grand launch of cloud uniforms for the latest international fashion apparel campus series, together with you to witness the "most beautiful Uniforms – China" romantic feelings. As the only one to build the campus by professional children’s clothing brand clothing accessories company, cloud school not only has a strong background of the brand as the basis, the quality of the national quality inspection to ensure product safety, the science of tailoring is based on children in different stages of growth and development characteristics, scientific and rational making, tailoring and workmanship. At the same time, the school uniforms in the details of the product and process upgrades, access to a number of invention patents. According to the design of long Chinese cloud uniforms uniforms field since the backward, outdated style, mast type version no gender differences and other defects and disadvantages, especially the establishment of senior designer team led by Taiwan chief design director of more than twenty, to create a new series of fashionable dress uniforms cloud campus, fashion and design elements of the perfect Chinese injection creation, showing a new generation of stylish product concept, redefines the new face of Chinese uniforms. The cloud uniforms big show covers sports and leisure wind, Europe and the United States college wind, simple Chinese wind three large units. Through three groups of beautiful and lively children show, display the full range of three styles of the uniforms in the series of product design. Especially the "simple" Chinese wind unit contains a large number of unique Chinese Pankou, surplice, collar, totem and other design elements, then these design elements further provided filling landscaping, convey the beauty of Chinese five thousand years of civilization etiquette including rhyme, give a person a kind of spiritual beauty, more touching. A naive, innocent and lovely children playing different styles of clothing, the children are different from the adult model show, closer to the audience and T distance, perfect the audience into the fashion show in the school. As early as the beginning of creation, Paclantic puts forward "and the world’s children grow up happy together" concept of enterprise development, and actively participate in social welfare undertakings. So far, one after another through China Paclantic youth development foundation, sweet angel fund, Sohu charitable foundation and many other public organizations.相关的主题文章: