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Yue Yunpeng a fan of warmth and mutual indifference tear Guo Cao 28 noon, news: Zhejiang Ms. Chen Nanjing dining in a restaurant, lost a signature of Yue Yunpeng fans. To find the hotel, but found the waiter has been damaged after folding when the garbage. Miss Chen burst into tears, said it took some time to get to the signature. After mediation, the waiter Zhang paid 3000 yuan as compensation. Subsequently, Yue Yunpeng forwarded the news, the woman said: "don’t cry, please contact @ Zheng – fathers, I will send you a new signature fan. Hotel staff do not worry. Please contact @ Zheng – fathers, I will put the money to you. I am happy to have such a fan." A fan, a hotel waiter, and perhaps not worth the money, when the garbage is thrown, it is a piece of cake. However, for Yue Yunpeng’s fans Miss Chen, the fan has a signature of Yue Yunpeng. At first, in order to get the signature, but paid a primitive force ah! Not only significant, but also a long-term collection value. That this precious fan has been lost, never come back, that kind of sad, upset the mood is really not difficult to understand, Miss Chen is crying and the claim is also reasonable. Who knows love story inversion fast, The path winds along mountain ridges., dizzying. Yue Yunpeng got to know the sequence of events, quickly micro-blog said to Miss Chen to send a new signature fan, but also lost 3000 yuan to the hotel waiter. The whole event, to apply a common word in Yue Yunpeng’s comic dialogue: "my god! Really so magical?" Among the many disciples of Guo Degang, the name of the list is nowhere near the name of Yue Yunpeng. In Hubei satellite TV, "I’m crazy for comedy," the program, Yue Yunpeng and Yu Qian, who sat on the chair, became a net in the comic dialogue. At the moment in the limelight of Yue Yunpeng, can always pay attention to the audience, fans remember the well-being, sincere with understanding method to return the fans, in this autumn season, will undoubtedly bring a warmth to the public. On the other hand, Yue Yunpeng’s teacher, Guo Degang, can do a lot better than the apprentice. Recently bukekaijiao "Guo Cao tear", in addition to the already exposed two people’s indifference, has yet to see which is right and which is wrong. As a public figure, torn face, making for a long time, only some years of accumulated personal grudges, and old scores never confused. To be honest, who who who black money, the invoice is true or false, privately said to myself, the majority of the audience is interest, there is no energy to pay attention to these petty and stale gossip because of this, with everybody without a penny. I was firmly remember Guo Degang’s love on the stage to say: the audience is our God, to honor god! Realistically speaking, the audience is not as a God, it is nothing more than taking it out, but to do with the practical action. For example, calm down, carefully created the comic scripts, carefully to perform on the stage, in order to return the love of god. For example, to the audience, sincerely and Guang Wei相关的主题文章:

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Six hardcore off-road vehicle highest preferential 300 thousand Phoenix car Shanghai Guide: in recent years, people have a faithful love for SUV models, perhaps it is in the car market SUV models and ordinary car type against the storm. Demand for cars is not only transport, but a variety of car culture permeated our life, and the versatility of SUV models allow people to meet more demand at the same time bring joy to users, so the SUV market is hot, and the similar car. We can put in the SUV market SUV models can be divided into several types and different purposes, of course there is a part of the user, he (she) who love outdoor extreme sports for their own car car has specific needs, the vehicle must be durable, super off-road can, following to introduce several worth choice hardcore SUV models. Six SUVs represent the market model guidance price (million) maximum discount (million) car inquiry 4S shop Jeep Wrangler 42.95-59.99 details 3.75 inquiry ample car Mercedes Benz G details 169.80-181.80 30 inquiry ample car TOYOTA FJ cruiser details 54.68 16.40 Lexus LX vehicle sufficient inquiry details 138.60-174.00 1 inquiry ample car Land Rover Range Rover 149.80-329.80 10 details the inquiry is ample car Land Rover Range Rover Sport details 92.80-229.80 20 inquiry ample car tab: Phoenix car market promotion this time: 2016.11.9-2016.11.16 2015 Jeep 3.0L four door version of the horse and the Sahara Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix area editor learned from the Shanghai Jeep car dealers, the store Jeep Wrangler car sales. Optional colors, Car Buying currently can offer 3.75 Million, interested friends can go to the store to buy advice. The table below: Wrangler latest price change table price unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2015 3.6L four door version 53.95 Rubicon Shu enjoy 50.20 inquiry 3.75 cars are plentiful 2015 3.6L two door to enjoy comfortable version of the Rubicon 48.95 45.20 inquiry 3.75 cars are plentiful more concessions please contact the dealer free consultation telephone: Phoenix car market in November 9, 525003882016 tab: 2015 Jeep 3.0L four door version of the Wrangler Sahara financial policy: insurance, priced at 429 thousand and 900 to 2014 2.8TD four door version of the Sahara vehicle as an example, the first year of the car insurance costs 13 thousand yuan. According to the calculation of loans, the benchmark interest rate 30% down payment period of three years, Shoufu 170 thousand yuan (including cars, licensing, insurance, purchase)相关的主题文章:

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The 2016 Guangzhou auto show: Ferrari GTC4Lusso T decoding – Sohu 2016 Guangzhou auto show car car [Sohu] talking about Ferrari, buddies will not unfamiliar, even there will be a sense of excitement from the heart. Indeed, as the representative of the world’s top ultra running community, Ferrari really left us too many classic models, Enzo and Rafa, 458 models have left a thick and heavy in colours. Today we say the protagonist, Ferrari is a new model, say you know what it is not mysterious, because it has been with 9 at the end of the first phase of the Geneva auto show, but as in the domestic debut, it will enter the ice? Obviously not! At the same time, Ferrari GTC4Lusso T is also equipped with 4WS (rear wheel steering system), SCM-E air suspension, ESP 9 electronic body stability system and the third generation of side sliding control electronic control system, etc.. Power, Ferrari GTC4Lusso T equipped with a twin turbocharged 3.9L engine, the maximum output power of 610 horsepower, peak torque of 760 cattle · M. Compared to the GTC4Lusso using the V12 engine peak torque increased by 63 cattle · M. In addition, the car did not use four wheel drive, instead of using the rear wheel drive.相关的主题文章:

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Eat eggs do these things   consequences are very serious! People.com.cn – Hainan Channel – people.com.cn egg is an important dish on the table, but also a variety of cooking methods, but it is also a taboo to eat after eating, if you do these things, can have serious consequences for health! 1, there are many places to eat sugar syrup Poached Egg habits, in fact, it will make the egg protein amino acids in the formation of fructose poorammonia acid conjugates. And this material is not easy to be absorbed by the body, so it will have adverse effects on health. 2, there are a lot of people like to drink tea after eating eggs with greasy solution. Especially those who love to drink tea and wake up the people. But this time, in fact, you ignore the point is that eating eggs after drinking tea will be harmful to health. Because tea contains a lot of tannic acid, tannic acid protein with tannic acid convergence and protein synthesis, make intestinalperistalsis slow, prolonged fecal retention time in the intestine, not only easy to cause constipation, but also increase the toxic and carcinogenic substances are to be absorbed by human body, harmful to human health. 3, eat egg after eating persimmon persimmon will have food poisoning, the general will lead to acute gastroenteritis and pulmonary stones. Generally speaking, the two kinds of food to eat at the same time will lead to more vomiting diarrhea abdominal pain and the symptoms of acute gastroenteritis. So if you take the time in 1 ~ 2 hours, you can use emetic method. 4, goose, rabbit and rabbit meat, egg is not goose meat to eat together. Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "the egg into the same rabbit carnivorous diarrhea." That is because the rabbit of sweet shabby and cold, and the egg gamping slightly cold, all two contain some bioactive substances, total food will react to stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea. 5, turtle meat eating egg after eating turtle meat can also cause food poisoning. 6, soybean milk every morning, do the mother will prepare breakfast for the children. I hope the children can get plenty of nutrition in the early morning. So many mothers will be in the egg into the egg. Or in the children eat egg and let the children with Soybean Milk thirst. In fact, a single drink has a strong nourishing effect of soy milk contains a special substance called trypsin, which combined with egg white in the egg white protein, will cause the loss of nutrients, reducing the nutritional value of the two. (commissioning editor Chen Haiyan and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章:

The third session of the world Internet Conference in Wuzhen, the closing of the Wuzhen report (map) p8400

The third world Internet Conference in Wuzhen closing the "Wuzhen report" released at the same time (Figure) Third World Internet Conference in Wuzhen (reporter Cheng Pengyu Wu Jing Lu Ye) the closing yesterday morning, under the curtain of the Third World Conference of the Internet landed in Zhejiang Wuzhen, "2016 Wuzhen World Internet Development Report" released at the same time. During the conference, more than 1600 guests from five continents in more than and 110 countries and regions gathered in Wuzhen to address common to the China President Xi Jinping’s speech and video, leaders of important international organizations responsible person. Around the "innovation driven for the benefit of mankind — to build cyberspace community of destiny" theme, candid exchanges, and achieved fruitful results in the exchange of ideas, technology, economic and trade cooperation, consensus etc.. The General Assembly on the Internet economy, Internet innovation, Internet culture, Internet governance, international cooperation and other Internet hotspots were held 16 forums, prominent theme, distinctive features, rich and deep; for the first time issued 15 Internet world leading scientific and technological achievements, global convergence of cutting-edge technology to lead the future development; in the "Internet light" from the Expo more than and 310 enterprises at home and abroad, show new products and technology; the Internet World Conference Organizing Committee Secretariat of the expert advisory committee issued a high-level "Wuzhen report", become the consensus conference marking result. National Internet Information Office Director Xu Lin said in a speech at the closing ceremony, the common destiny of the world by the network space, innovation is the gene of the Internet, the Internet has become an important driving force to drive the engine to lead the economic and social development. To promote the network space interconnection, sharing of governance, is the common expectation of the people of all countries, the Internet is without borders, without borders, countries all over the world in the network space of solidarity and fateful, maintaining network security is the common responsibility of the international community.  相关的主题文章:

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Good soft and smooth! What do you feel when you first meet your sister’s body? The animation can be seen in the first time the boys always touch the girl sweet and soft body with a shy look, some gentleman is calm on the surface, the heart full of excitement. So men in the first touch sister will have what feeling? Recently, the Japanese media on the gentlemen were investigated. "Very soft" world that is so soft." (27 year old school · the rest of the education) "it’s so soft." (26 year old construction salesman) blush – butterflies can not stop." (36 pounds and other public interest groups) "is very soft, such as unknown experience feel happy." (39 other designers) – unlike in men and male "feeling is not the same, never had such a feeling." (22 year old company salesman) "with different men, feels very soft." (24 year old medical industry) – "very warm very warm, I feel soft and warm temperature than a deeper impression on me." (39 year old designer) "feels a higher body temperature than men." (27 years old · food; drink salesman) – very nervous "very nervous, this is the female body." (39 other) "although the same for people, but I will be very nervous, the woman body like men have a lot of hair." (22 year old member of the construction industry and Technology) – "very smooth and very smooth feel very comfortable! I can beat my heart." (38 years old) "smooth and smooth, very comfortable." (38 year old transport storage) Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works相关的主题文章:

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Deaf sister homemade flag biscuits   5 days sold nearly $5 thousand – People’s Hainan window – People’s Chen Sihe friends at home to produce national flag biscuits. Chen Sihe’s friends at home to make national flag biscuits. The national day doing? Some people travel, someone in the house ". Chengdu deaf girl Chen Si whim, homemade biscuits flag "at home by hand". In October 5th, see the WCC reporter Chen came to the home, red biscuits, with 5 yellow stars, CHEN Si do imitate Weimiaoweixiao flag biscuits. She told reporters that she was released in the circle of friends and other social platforms to produce cookies photos and videos, attracting a lot of users point of praise, have wanted to order. National Day holiday in the past 5 days, she has received orders of nearly $5 thousand. National flag team is the deaf students in Chengdu. An ordinary residential rooftop, Chen Sihe is the same as the deaf husband and 1 year old daughter, quiet and warm home. My daughter started babbling around, parents. Daughter riding a horse play. On the other side, Chen put the biscuits just in the oven. Her other two deaf students came to help. These cookies are like the national flag, some like the panda, this is the twelfth boxes of cookies she made today. Chen Si told reporters that in April this year, my mother gave her an oven, she began to learn to make cookies. Before the national day, little brother proposal: the national day, why don’t you do a flag themed biscuit? After several times after the experiment, a flag was finally born with an air of importance. At the same time, she also produced a ugly Meng Meng Meng panda biscuits. Chen Si is deaf, after reading in Chengdu special education school, she attended the college entrance examination in 2006, admitted to the Xi’an Academy of fine arts art design specialty. Circle of friends issued 5 days after receiving a $5 thousand order Chen did not expect, she did the National Day biscuits so fire. Before the national day, the younger brother took a small video on the Internet, announced the process of making the experiment Chen biscuits, won the praise of many users. Just a few days, playing in a mobile phone APP has more than 45 thousand. Chen Si told reporters, from the beginning of October 1st, she forwarded his own circle of friends in the production of biscuits video and photos, attracting a lot of people to buy. Some people buy one or two boxes, up to a one-time buy a box of 75. Now she has received an order of about 5 thousand yuan, relying on the borrowed oven, can only be baked at a time of 36, each need more than an hour, can not cope with. A lot of people have received Chen Si’s cookies. "It was suggested to improve the taste, it was suggested to do some sugar free, it was suggested that it is not crisp enough." Chen Si told reporters that we are tolerant, sincere attitude, not a little harsh on her new cookies. Want to open all the dessert shop to recruit deaf employees Chen Siyou a dream. She said that deaf people find work, especially not admitted to the University for the deaf, the more difficult to find a suitable job. She had set myself a small goal, the oven is borrowed, to give yourself to buy one of their own oven, a future dessert shop, all recruit deaf employees. "I want to do something, just like other people."相关的主题文章: