Yellow box + yellow numbers 1 and 2 what meaning Xi’an traffic police professional interpretation (v 若槻ゆうか

The yellow box + new label number 1 and 2 yellow what Xi’an police professional interpretation on the road two days ago, the public Ms. Wu drove Xi’an Taibai Road and cross road of science and technology, saw a group of such ground marking in the fast lane: the yellow box + yellow numbers 1 and 2, she was the first time in the streets of Xi’an see, then photographed on micro-blog, did not expect to immediately aroused hot friends, we have to guess, what do you mean? Yesterday, the reporter contacted the Xi’an traffic police department, a professional interpretation of the logo. What does it look like? The yellow box + yellow number 1 and 2 yesterday morning, the reporters came to the Taibai Road and cross road of science and technology, seeing the cross the central north-south direction, originally designated the left turn waiting zone marking disappeared. Instead, the figures by the yellow box, composed of turning arrows and dotted line, line of traffic signs. In the north-south direction of the intersection of ten meters from the inside of the road, the same combination of new traffic signs. Reporters on the scene saw, at this time the direction of the north and south for the red light, a north south is preparing to turn left Buick sedan, as before, still parked at the crossroads of the region to be transferred. See the traffic police on duty immediately approached, signalling the driver here no parking, led him to pull over, explaining to him the meaning of the new combination marking. Reporters interviewed a number of drivers passing here, almost all people do not know the meaning of this logo. Brother Zhao Master said: "as a professional driver, I had a driver’s license is seriously go to school to learn two years before when the driver. But even so, I still can’t figure out what it means. I guess it might be a reminder to change lanes." What do you mean? Reverse zipper combination marking left turn fine although drivers are a bit confused, most people do not know, but it is especially convenient. Site traffic police on duty told reporters: "in fact, the ground is a new application of digital frame combination marking plan, like a reverse zipper, turn left at the north and south direction of the vehicle, only to stop at the intersection north and south, and the implementation of single row parking, the left turn signal lights show green traffic, front row vehicle according to delimit on the road of digital, followed by multi row driving, in order to alleviate the original left turn vehicles and straight vehicles conflict, leading to congestion. So in the intersection is not too big intersection, you can reduce the left turn to be transferred to the vehicle parking, the impact of the other two directions straight vehicles cross the low efficiency of the situation." Subsequently, the reporter learned from the Xi’an high tech traffic police brigade, the new line began in Xi’an, after a period of research, the effect will be implemented in the wide range of words. Reporter Li Jia (Shaanxi newspaper) Note: the video is only extended reading. Shenzhen traffic police thorough investigation of indiscriminate beam will see their lights for one minute相关的主题文章:

Autumn eat what the best regimen Inventory of seasonal fruits and vegetables — Liaoning Channel – t

Autumn eat what the best regimen? Inventory of seasonal fruits and vegetables — Liaoning Channel – the most awesome original title: Autumn eat what the health? Inventory of the most awesome seasonal fruits and vegetables note: autumn temperature gradually increased, we in the daily diet should also be adjusted accordingly. Chinese autumn health pay attention to prevent dryness and nourishing Yin in autumn, what to eat fruits and vegetables to health? Look at the small series of finishing. Autumn and winter radish race as the saying goes, autumn and winter radish ginseng, now is a good season for small ginseng listed. But little is known about the different parts of the taste of radish, eating is also different. White radish can eat more than 90% of water, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote stool discharge. Chinese medicine believes that radish cool, phlegm heat. To be reminded that the white radish is best eaten raw or cold, and the content of minerals and vitamins in radish skin is higher, the best do not throw away the food. Eat carrots can grow carrots are rich in beta carotene, in the human body can be transformed into vitamin A, can effectively improve the eye fatigue and dry eye problems. In addition, this substance is an essential material for the normal growth of bones, which is of great significance to promote the development of infants and young children. It is best to eat cooked carrots, because it contains fat soluble vitamins, eating can cause most carotene can not be absorbed by the body. Eat green radish radish sweet little upper diuretic spicy, spicy to the tail and extremely resistant to storage. It is cool, sweet, SHUNQI diuretic effect is very good, is a typical raw food varieties, also known as the "fruit of radish". Red radish radish can lose weight this calories less, eat more cellulose, easy to produce satiety, help to lose weight. It is also rich in anthocyanins, antioxidant. Autumn eat three potato health follow we often eat potato sweet potato (also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, potato, sweet potato, potato etc.) (also known as potatoes, taro and sweet potato (potato) taro, yam) etc.. Potato is rich in starch, dietary fiber and vitamins and minerals. High content in sweet potato dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation. Sweet potato containing low fat, high carbohydrate, only 0.2%, up to 25%. The content of sweet potato in carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and niacin than Cereals, carotene content of red sweet potato than white sweet potato high heart. Potatoes (potatoes) belong to the masses of lovers, not only to do the staple food, but also when vegetables are widely popular. Potatoes contain more starch, up to 17%, vitamin C content and potassium and other mineral content is also very rich. China has launched a strategy to promote potato staple food, potato processing, Steamed Buns noodles, Rice noodles and other staple food, potato will become another staple food of rice, wheat, corn and. "Three five fresh taro" have you eaten? Artichoke: regulate blood sugar, alleviate dizziness is also called the name of Jerusalem artichoke artichoke, chrysanthemum ginger, ginger. Jerusalem artichoke contains a very similar structure with insulin substances, helps reduce blood sugar. At the same time, when people have hypoglycemia dizziness, with a piece of Jerusalem artichoke in)相关的主题文章:

World Health Day scalp itch alert 4 causes

World Health Day: scalp itch alert of the 4 incentives to raise public awareness of the health of the scalp, the foreign research institutions to November 1st of each year as "World Health Day scalp, scalp health knowledge propaganda and popularization. An important standard of scalp health, there is no dandruff. It is reported that the WHO will "shiny hair, no dandruff" one standard for human health. If the scalp often itching, scratching a lot of dandruff, hair, shoulder scattered patches of white dust, this is your scalp to early warning, it may be sick. Dandruff, head itch lingering question, what is going on? Due to repeated itch: "fungi mostly blame" natural scaling for everyone, is a product of normal physiological metabolism of the scalp, with fine particles less than 0.02 mm generally fall off, the eye almost can not see, it will not affect people’s daily life, called rational dandruff. While the bulk of dandruff may be repeated, pathological dandruff caused by a fungus. Fungi (Malassezia) blooms on the scalp caused by scalp cuticular hyperplasia, resulting in the stratum corneum cells with white or gray scales formabnormal shedding. The occurrence of dandruff was frequently accompanied by itching, inflammation and other symptoms, make scalp vulnerable and sensitive. If you can’t take effective way to treat dandruff head itch will be repeated, constantly entangled". The 1 factors affecting the head itch mental stress, often stay up late to work overtime, work, learning pressure, mental tension are the predisposing factors of endocrine disorders, the excessive secretion of sebum will produce dandruff head itch problem. 2 bad habits like eating spicy, stimulating and greasy food, plus smoking, drinking and other bad habits will decrease the indirect immunity to fungal scalp, take advantage of an easy job to do "occupation" of scalp. The use of harmful substances containing 3 bad hair products used in hairdressing inferior goods will stimulate the scalp, bring some adverse reactions, head itch is one of them. 4 seasonal temperature changes, also followed up sensitive scalp, dandruff is easy to appear in the turn of the season. In the spring and summer seasons, for example: the temperature increases, the increase in human sweat, scalp oil secretion will increase abnormally.相关的主题文章:

The good poetry and poetry staged speed highlights and more entertaining entertainment – Sohu peepsamurai

The "good" poetry and poetry highlights and more entertaining staged speed culture of large-scale entertainment season Sohu by Hebei TV, film and television media spring integration and other units jointly build the "show good poetry" recently ushered in the long-awaited second knockout group. Four instructors will launch their arm strength, Li Bo teacher to save the first group’s defeat, Peking University, Nankai University, Tsinghua University sent a fierce battle of Sichuan University three teams, full of change and a new link and tough battle strategy, make Tsinghua University frequency in the woods, was finally out of pity. Li Bo ridicule Yu Entai: life is like a play, by acting Yu Entai in the first game tournament, with its rigorous Paibingbuzhen and people’s strength, successfully launched the "hezonglianheng" skills of victory for his team’s dawn, because the bottom fraction of Central South University had to leave, let the teacher Li Bo was injured. Recently, after elimination ushered in the "Chinese poetry" in the fifth quarter of second groups, the host Wang Kaijie in view of Li Bo teacher first round record, has carried on the deep concern and greetings, Li Bo teacher jokingly said: "they didn’t believe him, but I also silently the industry believe". Unveiled the new part of the game, a comprehensive update four team contests has become a great part of the game’s highlights of the show, "and" speed and mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore "poetry", "heart", "full" of four links into four tutors "soldiers will be" the poetry of battlefield. A team with the audience to exhaust all the skills themselves, in succession, in the "speed and poetry" link, wonderful performance of team members to veteran Yu Entai and Yang Yu repeatedly applauded, Peking University wit frequent bursting point, the whole process will be "edutainment" to carry forward the spirit of the extreme. Tsinghua University regret to be eliminated, Yu Entai Li Bo cited parting tears in the final moments of the show, Tsinghua University players and Yu Entai, Li Bo two mentor said in the heart feeling, a warm and solemn atmosphere, Tsinghua University will be "poetic mood" youth in the hearts of everyone. Yu Entai: "I would like to use all my wealth, and for you at this age to go on stage, this is called poetic mood, so you left me still is the most glorious side, I love you not because of your face today temporarily leave a trace in the heart has slowed down." Sincere and very modest teacher Li Bo also touched the presence of all the people: "we may not get much too good at high scores in every game, but we are good at the long enduring spirit." The "good poetry" fifth season "when we were young" wonderful continues, the audience in the online message said: "look at the" good poetry ", feel the broad and profound Chinese culture and unique charm, and I appreciate the brilliant Chinese youth have lofty ideals and high aspirations, such a wonderful show thanks."相关的主题文章:

Rouge conference Lu Yi fill knife work cover Zhao Liying big V agent

"Rouge" conference Lu Yi fill knife work cover Zhao Liying bear big Tencent agent V entertainment news by Lu Yi, Zhao Liying starred in the legendary Spy Drama "rouge" will play every night 7:30 heavy landing, Zhejiang Oriental TV and audience of two in September 27th. Yesterday, the show was held in Shanghai Oriental TV broadcasting conference. Producer Huang Lan carrying two starring Lu Yi and Zhao Liying appeared together, the conference site Lu Yi avatar old driver, taking the whole double hanging open, there is no physical interpretation of the precise place by Huang Lan praised as "performance artist" at the same time, Lu Yi in the verse frequent up constantly, have "hand piece" style, which belong to fill knife teach Zhao Liying show the white feather. Lu Yi performed "God intoxicated state" hidden "cover up the knife" Zhao Liying is the just the end of the activities of Lu Yi, Hangzhou immediately rushed to Shanghai, yesterday again attended the Oriental TV conference, the new drama "rouge" platform. The event Lu Yi dressed in a grey suit tailored gentleman appearance, show long legs advantage, a gentle smile and enthusiastic fans interactive platform, no less male kamikaze recovery, in close contact with the idol fans is set off waves of cheering, the audience burst. In the conference site, a good mood Lu Yi Zhao Liying and fans playing "you better than I guess" in the game, guessing link, Lu Yi physical interpretation of "come swaggeringly" meaning, no idol burden he acting for the audience to improvise hanging a "God intoxicated state", vivid interpretation caused the fans again and again scream, look after his show, producer Huang Lan immediately guessed the answer, and the strength of Lu Yi sigh is worthy of a "performance artist". In addition, good at "fill knife" Lu Yi did not forget to show the "Daogong" at the scene, the three spy humorous ridicule his playing is "see what people say, hell that nonsense!" The voice just fell, there was a burst of laughter, did not think God is not only the king and "fill knife hand piece" talent, along with "up to teach" Zhao Liying sighed: "brother Lu Yi up the knife skills hidden, than I am better, I can only show the white feather!" Lu Yi in the play as "the big V strength fly over the walls." it is understood that in the TV series "rouge", because Lu Yi’s is the three agent a to the Communist Party, and if the identity of the complex character of emotions more depressed, in a test of acting. This Lu Yi also said at the scene there is a blue Rouge (Zhao Liying ornaments) in the drama was tortured, even if the heart is very distressed, but I can only silently watch, told her not much, only by stroking her head, pat back to give her comfort and warmth." In addition to the need to rely on superb acting to show "Zhou Yuhao" the inner world is also quite complex, Lu Yi in the play action aspect, in order to restore the true sense of play, Lu Yi almost every military Qinliqinwei: "this is really a play I play the most, and each play special ruthless, and fly over the walls plot, I think I can be developed to the action field." Producer Huang Lan also strongly praised Lu Yi’s "secret" talent: "the growth process of general Spy Drama characters have more, and we have the opposite"相关的主题文章:

Music as the Department is easy to say that the financing of the real confusion denied personnel sho kisstudou

"Music" easy to confused: "financing personnel shocks recently denied the true, easy to about two explosive news quickly in the circle of friends scraper: one is the founder of Hang Zhou turnover, LETV veteran Peng Gang will take over the post of CEO; the other is easy to a new round of financing totaling 6 billion yuan. According to market rumors, the pre financing easily to the valuation of 17 billion yuan, 23 billion yuan after financing. In this regard, easy to relevant responsible person said, although the company is indeed in the next round of financing, but the size of the specific financing to the official announcement of the future amount. However, a rumor huanshuai. Easy to believe that a thing is not out of coaching friends for company financing and forge sniper remarks. With the merger, the Shenzhou car drops with excellent step into C2C, easy to face the increasingly powerful competitors. But as part of the "music", the car market layout is not like other companies, but the layout with the music as ecology. Internet analyst Tang Xin pointed out that the current between the easy to LETV is still not formed good cooperative effect, while the car field can not accommodate too many companies, making it easy to position a little embarrassed. Personnel turbulence rumors recently denied, Zhou hang, Peng Gang took office, the news was reported by major media. According to the reporter, as music holding CMO Peng just in March this year for the first time to the identity of the president of the car to debut. At that time, in addition to the appointment of Peng Gang as president, original music as holding senior investment officer sun was appointed as vice president of the car easy to investment, easy to car is responsible for the investment and financing business, reporting to Zheng Xiaoming as senior vice president of global capital and hang zhou. Stationed easy to, Peng Gang not only led to the easy to charge back and marketing activities, but also frequent foreign voice. Hang Zhou also changed from the beginning of March before the high profile, then rarely to accept an interview. Peng Gang and other executives involved in music as easy to let the outside world can not help but guess, personnel changes may mean that the music as a whole will take over easy, easy to founder, CEO Zhou hang or be exposed to overhead. However, this speculation has been easily denied to the public relations department. For financing and move things, easy to the relevant person in charge told reporters that the company recently is financing, the specific financing scale please official amounts to be continued, the file is not true. But one thing Huanshuai is purely rumor, it is easy to check to ongoing financing, "easy to retain the right to pursue its legal responsibility". The coaching estimate is unlikely, but easy to have the potential to increase the proportion of employees in the company letv." Internet analyst Ge a in the China business reporter, said the car is easy to arrange personnel will be very careful. Because once zhouhang leave, will destroy the continuity of company strategy, "in addition, car industry in addition to competition ability, but also need to have the iconic corporateprofile." In addition to increasing the proportion of music, as well as the staff, easy to high-level may also be stationed as music. On the other hand, Ge believes that easy to advance the news leaked ahead of the news, it may be that it hopes to raise the valuation through speculation. This is the music as early as the rumors of the acquisition of the Amazon has a common internal logic. It is understood,.相关的主题文章:

Chinese academic papers and fraud Cooperation with Brazil SCI magazine gold – Sohu Culture Channel tianbi

Chinese academic papers and fraud? On behalf of company and the Brazil SCI magazine cooperation "gold" – a Brazil Sohu culture channel SCI journal published a number of articles with a similar Chinese contributors paper, paper uses the same chart, the same research object, reached the same results. From the medical science literature published in Britain China paper discuss large scale revocation in just one year, China academic fraud has once again been exposed. In September 20th, the famous American English thatmust website PlagiarismWatch home page report "science paper company and fraudulent periodical collusion China scholars". The contents of the report up to dozens of pages, detailed disclosure of the contents of the fraud to monitor the paper. The incident was exposed, once again shocked the academic community. Medical University Of Chongqing distinguished research fellow, National Natural Science Foundation of the expert Dr. Tan Xinjie in the earliest scientific translation of the entire report online. "This is the world of science and the history of the largest so far English fake papers and SCI Journal of cooperation Chinese grab money, and relates to China scholars and defiled China research and thesis the reputation of the event, the monitoring results of the shocking disclosure." Dr. Tan Xinjie said. The event originated in a reader to the PlagiarismWatch website for anonymous reporting a Chinese research group article (file number: GMR7730) have serious suspicion of plagiarism, so PlagiarismWatch website staff use iPlagiarism software system (Chinese Name: Ai Pulei, is the world’s only Chinese computer software copyright certificate English articles plagiarism check brand comparison) the paper found that the existence of a large number of text plagiarism, up to 1/3 per cent. The number GMR7730 paper is found to coincide with a large number of other papers. Only one article plagiarism is not what big news, however, when the PlagiarismWatch site staff will be the first of this paper and check results in EPPs Lei software is similar to the literature (the highest proportion of single similarity ratio as high as 11%, the paper also comes from the author China) for careful manual chart comparison, surprise that article two table 2 and Figure 2 are basically the same. GMR7730 papers and the results of the first survey of the highest proportion of similar articles using the same figure 2 and table 2. Two papers used in Figure 2 and table 2. Then the staff will be second of the papers and check results are similar to those in the literature (the highest proportion of single similarity ratio of 3%, the paper also comes from the author Chinese) manual chart comparison, found that two articles in Figure 3 are basically the same, especially the flow cytometry results. GMR7730 papers and the results of the survey of the second highest proportion of similar papers using the same figure 3. But more than that, will continue to third this paper and review results in similar Literature (the highest proportion of single similarity ratio 3%, derived from the same author China) manual chart comparison, figure 3 is still consistent, flow cytometry results. "相关的主题文章: