Pakistan is not good at analysis fear of being mad – Sohu Ponte it

Pakistan is not good at analysis: fear of being mad – Ponte it tower of Brazil international Sohu vs 2016 Hertha Brazil Ponte it tower 35 round Friday time: 2016-11-18 07:00 crown disc: 0.95 hemisphere a ball 0.93 Australia color wheel: 0.90 hemisphere ball 0.92: William Hill 1.673.405.00: 1.703.505.25 [libbo international news] 1, the score data of Brazil international nearly 10 war 4 wins 3 flat 3 negative, accumulate 38 points ranked seventeenth in the Brazil 34 round of the league, Brazil international nearly 10 games into 10 ball lost 8 ball. 2, the recent 10 wins out of 2 Ponte it tower 2 flat 6 negative, accumulate 45 points ranked twelfth in the Brazil 34 round of the league, nearly 10 Ponte it tower into 11 balls, lost 16 ball. 6 wins, 3 and 10 in the Brazil international recent meeting in Ponte it Tower 3 flat 1 negative, 5 home court recently, the Brazil international scored 4 wins 1 flat. 4, Ponte Poulet Kobita for 5 consecutive games can not win, poor results. [game related information] 1, Brazil International League in the last 7 games, there are a total of less than 2.5 goals in both sides of the war between the two sides of the ball 6. 2, Ponte Poulet Kobita’s recent 3 league away, both sides of the total goal is less than 2.5 goals. [analysis] provide asian handicap data according to the score of news network, Asian mainstream company is the main make half a high water opening, the Brazil international is currently away from the relegation zone is still 1 points, but the poor situation of the last 6 games, only 1 victories, but fortunately the team from the cup in the solution out, can now focus on in the league, the disc to the Lord for half a high water start, for the home team is very high, it is more with the help of the performance advantage, draw still can not be ignored. In view of the road performance Ponte it tower really bad, the game at the Brazil international home court, more worthy of pursuit. SMG recommended: 31 Asian recommended: Brazil international -0.75相关的主题文章: