Part of the TPP to participate in the United States to exclude the United States intends to oppose J-66814

In the part of TPP’s beauty out of Japan intends to oppose the original title: part TPP in the United States excluded Japan intends to oppose Beijing in November 16, according to Japanese media reports, the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) exclude the United States into the case recently surfaced. Japanese media pointed out that this is due to the withdrawal of TPP Trump was elected the next president of the United States, so it will be extremely difficult to enter the TPP. Mexico and Peru support the program, but Japan intends to oppose the implementation of the program can not be seen. "It is necessary to discuss with other countries to amend the framework of the United States will not be able to approve the framework." Guajardo, Minister of economic affairs of Mexico, 10, the United States on the issue of the approval of the TPP is the question of the validity of the question. Kuczynski, President of Peru, also said: "TPP can be replaced by China and Russia to replace the United States to join the new agreement." 12 countries to participate in cooperation with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit will be held in Peru, capital of Lima summit held on the 19 TPP. At the meeting, Mexico and Peru may propose a "United States" program. Japanese media analysts pointed out, but difficult to achieve. According to the analysis of the revised conditions for the need to re negotiate the 12 countries, but the United States, Washington, trade sources pointed out: "the next Trump Administration agreed to exclude the possibility of the u.s.." It is reported that Japan’s interim parliament is being held, and strive to approve the TPP Andouble government will obviously refuse to renegotiate. Prime Minister Abe Shinzo 15 in the Senate special committee meeting TPP said: "the purpose and significance of the propaganda to the world TPP. Change the trend of trade protectionism." Malaysia’s prime minister, Naguib, also said in an interview with Kyodo news agency, said: "we will continue to do our best to strengthen economic and trade relations with countries including the United states." Express the importance of the relationship between the United states. On the other hand, U.S. trade representative Frohman said in a speech on the 14, the other countries will not always wait for the United States to approve TPP. He said "the United States will be a wide coverage area of the agreement is excluded, the overseas market will be from other countries, the United States or to conceal the excluded alert. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: