Pavel won the 2016 hearthstone legend World Championship – Sina hearthstone legend ricky lee neely

Pavel won the 2016 "hearthstone legend" World Championship – Sina hearthstone legend area congratulations Pavel became the 2016 hearthstone legend world championships champion! 2016 "hearthstone legend" World Championship ushered in the climax of today, 16 people from around the world’s top master battling for the 2016 "world champion" hearthstone legend award. In this year, they have accumulated enough points to win and win the championship in a variety of online, offline, and ranked battles. In this year, they hone skills in a changing game environment, in order to show in this year’s biggest game skill, gains $1 million prize pool! In 2016 we established the "hearthstone legend" world tour, the standard game and a series of higher specification format. We see a lot of familiar players, but also to see a lot of perennial struggle in the field of the players become the focus of public attention, but also witnessed the emergence of a large number of newcomers. Finally, Pavel with carefully crafted deck success deus ex, become our 2016 "hearthstone" world championship! We have received more than 3 million 500 thousand votes in the campaign to choose your title, of which Pavel has won more than 200000 votes! Did you vote for Pavel as a champion? The card will be issued at the end of next week’s carnival. The first phase of second phase of voting, voting players Pavel 6 package 4 package DrHippi 5 package 3 package Che0nsu 4 package 2 package Jasonzhou 4 package 2 package Amnesiac 3 package 1 package Cydonia 3 package 1 package Hamster 3 package 1 package HotMEOWTH 3 package 1 package Bbgungun 2 A Handsomeguy package N package N 2 A OmegaZero 2 N A Yulsic 2. N A Breath 1 A DDaHyoNi package N package N 1 A Naiman 1 A ThijsNL package N package N 1 A * reward card package for the trial of the champion card package, including card number participation prize package number. Let’s congratulate Pavel once again on becoming the 2016 world champion of hearthstone legend, and we’ll see you next season in the 2017 season! Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: