Penguin mother Tucao if there is no day of oppression, the man can take

Penguin mother Tucao: if there is no day of oppression, the man can take off? Hello everyone! I am familiar with the penguin mother! Want to know about the recent two – dimensional news hot spots? Want to listen to the views of these hot spots and Tucao mother? Please pay attention to the daily four p.m. the launch of the "Penguin" column Niang Tucao, we Be There Or Be Square yo! In recent years, the country can be described as the rapid development of the golden period, many good works in an endless stream, can be said for the people of the country, this is the best time. But it is undeniable that, although the country has made great progress in recent years, but whether it is still in the quality or influence of the Japanese anime and there is not a small gap. This has a lot of friends have said that the reason why the development of the country can not get up, it is simply because of the day’s oppression! It is well known that the average level of the day is still much better than that of the country, so since we have a good day, why should we waste our time looking at all the countries that are not mature? The world’s most developed animation culture is our neighbor, Japan, animation from all aspects of the impact of the Japanese society, and even become a pillar industry in japan. As a kind of culture, it has brought profound influence to the development of Japanese society. But if Japan does not have the animation culture, what will it be like? Recently, the Japanese house on the Internet for this hot, take a look at it. The first is the impact of foreigners on Japan’s cognitive attitude, and now many foreigners like Japan, like Japanese culture, not because they have a profound understanding of Japanese and Japanese culture. But through animation, the animation depicted in the picture to understand Japanese, this is a lot of foreigners come to Japan often cause some embarrassment. So if there is no animation culture, there will no longer be so much like foreigners in Japan, and the younger generation of people’s evaluation of Japan will become very low. Followed by the animation for the tourism industry to bring publicity, but also noteworthy. To Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and other places of travel to foreigners, there are a considerable number of people who are home or like anime. A large number of foreign students come to Japan for this reason, they will see, hear, learn to return to their country to continue to affect the next generation. As a bridge, the role of the portal has been so big that it can not be replaced, so if there is no animation culture, Japan will move forward the pace will be slow. For Japan, its contribution to the economy is self-evident. Cartoon culture as a traditional art, shouldering the responsibility of inheriting civilization. Animation is not the kind of fast food culture (although in recent years there is such a trend), in which the Japanese culture, the Japanese philosophy of precipitation. If the loss of such cultural heritage, will be a great loss of Japanese society. It can be said that Japanese animation can develop into what it is, but also experienced several generations of hard work and accumulation, so that the Japanese Cartoon Penguin mother in a short period of time also will not collapse, so the country diffuse or to need hard! But from another point of view, in fact, there are a lot of Japanese animation industry today相关的主题文章: