Personal insurance regulation of the new regulation of small and medium enterprises to upgrade the r jinshen

Personal health insurance regulation of the new regulation of small and medium enterprises to upgrade the risk of depression in the transformation of sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The self insurance funds placards tide, and then to "Bao Wan dispute, whether as a universal insurance equity dispute" weapon "risks, the parties have Public opinions are divergent. With the China CIRC in early September two bursts of notification, including universal insurance and investment linked insurance, personal insurance products face regulatory upgrades. Today, the new full moon landing. The insurance company to guide rational competition positive effects such as no doubt, but in the implementation of more concern is that the new regulations in closing a door for the insurance company at the same time, whether to open a window? In September 6th, the draft was China after the storm, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued "Chinese CIRC on strengthening the regulation of personal insurance products work notice", "Chinese China Insurance Regulatory Commission on further improving the life insurance actuarial system related issues notice" (hereinafter referred to as the rules), to further enhance the universal insurance insurance products insurance and personal function. In addition to the new rule set some indicators to regulate and guide the security characteristics of universal insurance, mentioned the following problems: one is when the master account actual investment return rate for three consecutive months less than the actual settlement rate, the actual settlement rate shall not be higher than the actual rate of return on investment (or the minimum guaranteed interest rate); two is not the whole life insurance annuity insurance care insurance designed short duration product. At the same time, the new regulations also broke a universal insurance insurance products to even the idea of the company by. Interface news reporter learned from the parties, the new regulations issued, as of now the industry occurred two significant changes: one is, in the new single sales data, small insurance companies and large companies have a negative situation; two, the electricity supplier platform is constantly looking for in short duration product lines company and products many small and medium-sized insurance companies, in short duration product lines have been exhausted. As the previous life insurance network sales channels in the top priority, insurance and financial products are constantly reduced, small and medium enterprises in the return of insurance on the road to go more difficult. Gao Hua Securities in a research report that the new regulations in the short term Nellie good most of the listed insurance firms, because of its generally more self-discipline, in short duration product co.. From the safe, Chinese life insurance, Pacific Insurance, Xinhua insurance’s earnings, the cost of debt to a certain extent to stabilize the two quarter of this year. At present, listed insurance firms, life insurance and the Pacific Life in short duration are the highest proportion, followed by Chinese Xinhua insurance and life insurance, and the lowest proportion of Pacific peace. The report also pointed out that rely heavily on short duration products of non listed insurance firms under more stringent regulations may face cash flow pressures. If you do not manage the large portion of the non listed insurance firms potentially the whole industry more large-scale capital outflow. Has been dependent on the development of investment products, investment linked insurance and universal insurance accounted for a high proportion of small and medium enterprises, the transition is imminent. Interface news reporter learned that, in a similar pattern of small and medium enterprises are also discussed相关的主题文章: