Photos Fujian Province Women’s poverty alleviation training project started precision

Photos: Fujian Province Women’s poverty alleviation training project started   precision housekeeping; one-stop service the most effective channel — Fujian — November 23 Songxi Xinhua (Zou Jiahua) 22, Fujian Province Women’s poverty alleviation precise housekeeping training project launch ceremony was held in Fujian Province, Fujian sister housekeeping training demonstration base "– Songxi County home training base. From Nanping City, Songxi County, Jianyang District, Shaowu City, Shunchang county and Songxi County women’s Federation and other relevant units of first filing riser poor women students and good housekeeping staff representatives of about 210 people attended the ceremony. Vice chairman of the Fujian provincial women’s Federation party members, Li Fengming said at the launching ceremony, in the path out of poverty, women are working, but also an important force for poverty. Women’s housekeeping training programs to precise poverty, poor women filing cards as the key object, starting from the domestic training, provides the most direct and effective way for women to get rid of poverty. According to reports, the first phase of the precise poverty homemaking training class of 60 students, mainly from the Songxi County tsubosato tea Huaqiao Township two township. Songxi County women’s Federation, the integration of resources, to provide transport, accommodation, teaching, practice, psychological counseling and other one-stop service for them. Training classes from November 18th to 25, the main courses of occupation mentality, occupation ethics, housekeeping, child care, elderly care, legal knowledge, and arrange to go to hospital and factory site teaching in Songxi County women’s Federation Based on Fujian sister housekeeping training demonstration base in Fujian province (Songxi County home economics training base), combined with the County Office of poverty alleviation etc. relevant departments to actively carry out domestic training base was completed in 10 months, training a total of 5 453 people, the implementation of the employment of 105 people, has accumulated rich experience. Share to: (commissioning editor: Chen Chuchu, Wu Zhou)相关的主题文章: