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Pingtan started the construction of international tourism island   construction pattern of "one corridor two ring five" development — Fujian channel — original title: Fujian Pingtan started the construction of international tourism island construction of "one corridor two ring five" development pattern following the implementation of "Pingtan international tourism island construction plan" approved by the State Council in August this year, Fujian Pingtan has launched a comprehensive project to enhance the overall service facilities in key tourist attractions, to complete the "Pingtan international tourism island development plan" the basic establishment, will also set up a special fund, the introduction of 9 measures to promote the development of the tourism industry. Pingtan international tourism island range for the Pingtan experimentation area, including global Haitan Island, and the islands, the sea, land area of 392.92 square kilometers, sea area of 6064 square kilometers. Pingtan in 2015 to achieve a total tourism income of 655 million yuan, the number of tourists at home and abroad more than 2 million 300 thousand people. "International tourism island development plan" proposed, Pingtan will accelerate the construction of a comprehensive experimentation area Gallery two ring five "international tourism island development pattern. "One corridor" is the Strait Tourism corridor. Pingtan to play an important role in linking the two sides of the bridge and link, improve tourism facilitation policy, Pingtan to Taiwan to create an important channel for tourists to cross the Strait and the two sides. The "two loop" that is land tourism, marine tourism ring ring, realize convenient transfer, integrated services, the formation of sea tourism pattern. Among them, land tourism relying on the island ring road network, the series "mountain, sea, lake, city form land tourism ring. Marine tourism ring to the surrounding waters and the development of Islands as the carrier, through the cruise, cruise ships, yachts and other leisure and sightseeing routes around the island to open offshore, the formation of marine tourism ring. "Five" altar South Bay coastal resort, the coastal tourist area, Haitan Bay North altar culture experience area, folk tourism, ecological recreation area east Islands altar. Proposed by the local, to 2025, the international tourism island basically completed, the two sides of the compatriots to aspire to a happy home and an internationally renowned Island Leisure resort. Full integration of tourism management and service level and international standards, "The Belt and Road" strategic fulcrum of a more prominent role in international influence and competitiveness significantly improve the comprehensive strength to a new level. Tourism added value accounted for the proportion of GDP reached 14%, the proportion of the added value of the industry increased by 5 percentage points in. At present, Pingtan’s first port duty-free shops opened, Pai Yang area, Australia before the town of Taiwan approved 3A level scenic spots. In addition, Haitan ancient city tourism project is an investment operation, Haitan period, the ancient city of two world seafood and a number of key tourism projects is accelerating the construction of the preliminary work, horse racing bike race base integrated resort project in an orderly way. Since September, Pingtan started to carry out the theme slogan of Pingtan international tourism island, tourism image advertisement collection activities, tourism activities, a prize competition Island Balloon Fiesta and "blue Pingtan" stage of global conference, held "Pingtan blue Taiwan exhibition and other activities in Taiwan. Pingtan will be planning to carry out "Nine", a song, a play, a fair, a mascot, a number of tourism image ambassador, a number of tourist souvenirs, a group of social supervisors, a think-tank, a Italy)相关的主题文章: