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Poor old revolutionary base 37 heart student from time to time value of 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army on the occasion, on 37 mutual entertainment initiated by the heart foundation has just completed high school student project at Gansu Dangchang county. Once the Red Revolution gave birth to China old, mostly located in high mountains and lofty hills, traffic inconvenience, still lags behind the economic developed area. Heart foundation since the beginning of 2015, along the route of the long march once, in the old revolutionary base areas to carry out the plight of high school student, is currently in Guizhou, Sichuan, Wangcang and Rongjiang Huang Ping funded more than 200 difficulties of high school students, provide each year 1800 yuan relief grants for them at the same time, the development of humanistic quality cultivation, and carry out the classic summer camp held reading activities. Guizhou County of Rongjiang and Huangping county is the first station of the Red Army strategic transfer into Guizhou, but also in poor areas inhabited by ethnic minorities in Sichuan; Wangcang county is a famous wooden military meeting, the meeting for the Reds to the armed struggle and summarizes experience; and just opened the project was held in Gansu Dangchang, here Hadapu conference made an important decision of the Red Army settled in Northern Shaanxi, for China revolution direction in predicament. In the remote and poor old revolutionary base areas to carry out high school student, 37 mutual entertainment is an important manifestation of corporate social responsibility, is the enterprise feedback China revolution is in response to the holy land, an important measure of national poverty alleviation precise policy. Next, 37 mutual entertainment launched the heart foundation will continue to carry out public action in the old revolutionary base areas, contribute to the education of the old revolutionary base areas.相关的主题文章: