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Porsche, you are not to build electric cars? Auto – Sohu original link: micro signal: GeekCar according to motorsport reports, Porsche wants to be Formula E electric race new battery supplier, and they have put forward the bidding. In addition, they are also ready to reach technical cooperation with two teams. From the beginning of 2018 fifth season Formula E, will enable the new battery supplier, currently used by all electric racing car battery, is advanced by Williams engineering company (Williams Advanced Engineering) supply. New suppliers through competitive bidding selected originally in June this year, will be able to have the results, but the FIA has delayed deadline. At present, the capacity of the Formula E car battery pack is 28kWh, subject to this, Formula E driver in the race, the station must be replaced by a new car, in order to complete the game. So it is necessary to change this situation. Porsche is the latest in a bid to participate in the company, they face the competition, including Red Bull technology, Renault, Citroen DS, Mahindra and so on, it is said that a total of nine companies. In accordance with the requirements of the FIA, battery maximum power fifth season Formula E racing is 250kW, the battery capacity is 54kWh. The new battery will be completed in June next year to complete the crash test, in the early stages of the team delivered to the test in November. Back to Porsche, the recent news about them in the field of electric vehicles is indeed a lot. Panamera plug-in hybrid version has just been released, a while ago, the official also revealed that the preparation of Mission E models before mass production plan. They will invest 700 million euros to make sure that the car was put into operation in 2020. At the same time, according to media reports, because Mission E, Porsche will create 1400 jobs, that is, they will form a huge R & D team. Provide the battery to the Formula E, on the one hand will bring continuous income, on the other hand, to verify their technology through the tournament, is also a good idea, and to want to make a difference in the field of electric vehicles Porsche, also need to match to set up a new image, as they have in the Le Mans. Do they have the Le Mans, proved himself in the new energy power system research and development strength. Even when there is a Porsche team in the future Formula E, we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, there are more and more car brands have begun to get involved in various forms of Formula E. In this paper, GeekCar original R相关的主题文章: