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Pregnant women eat 9 kinds of fruit on the fetus, pregnant mother you eat? – maternal mothers Sohu should have the feeling of pregnancy after the skin becomes very poor, this is because of changes in hormone levels after pregnancy, resulting in accelerated The new supersedes the old. thus affecting the skin, cosmetics, skin care products, a lot of treasure mom did not dare to use, in fact his mother don’t worry about the right amount to eat some fruit can improve skin. Apple apple is the king of fruits, it contains a very comprehensive nutrition. There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. At the same time, its beauty effect also let us rejoice, eating apples can not help us to discharge the intestinal tract of lead, mercury, manganese, beryllium and other toxins, in addition, if you keep the diet every day to eat apples, can make skin ruddy luster. Two, the kiwi kiwi fruit rich in folic acid, dietary fiber, and cancer prevention, prevent constipation. But the fruit of the cold, so the spleen and stomach, especially threatened abortion of pregnant mother don’t eat. Three, grapefruit grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and antioxidant elements, even more commendable is that grapefruit contains a very low heat, each only about 60 cards, so it is also a good helper to lose weight, according to a US study surface, if the normal three meals a day can eat half a grapefruit, weight loss will be very good. Of course, if you feel suddenly eat half a grapefruit is not enough, then drink grapefruit juice effect is quite satisfactory. Four, lemon lemon beauty effect is quite rich, can inhibit the spots, whitening skin, also can cause skin, make skin lubrication, of course, the effect of weight loss is also very significant. Dry skin to eat what fruit is good? Many pregnant women in late pregnancy, fetal movement is restless, poor mental state, also is good at eating, but not greedy. Five banana laxative effect is known for having heard it many times the insist on eating one or two bananas a day to ensure the normal bowel, which helps expel toxins, full of health and beauty from the inside out. In addition, the banana and honey mask modulation, has the effect of whitening. But the high blood sugar of pregnant women to eat or not eat six bananas, strawberries are rich in vitamin C, and content than apples and grapes more than 10 times, always eating strawberries can make the skin tender and elastic, in addition, the active substance contained strawberry has anti-cancer effect of some high. Can assist in lowering blood lipids, liver, improve constipation, seven loquat rich in protein, acid, vitamins, carotene. Loquat has a clear role, make your eyes shine, in addition, loquat can keep the skin healthy. With cotton swab dipped in loquat juice on the face spots, you can not fade spots. Early pregnant women eat, but also to alleviate morning sickness appetizing effect eight, pitaya pitaya is rich in nutrition, is a low calorie high fiber fruits, so won the love of the human diet, in addition, pitaya is also very effective for the prevention and treatment of constipation. For anemia of pregnant women can play a role in improving nutritional anemia.相关的主题文章: