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Careers-Employment A certified nursing assistant is an important part of the health care system that the health care agencies cant do without. CNA looks after all medical and non medical care and requirement of the patients. The growing health care industry needs a good number of quality CNAs to work with them. Although the CNA is a low rank job that doesnt mean they arent as important as other health care professionals or their responsibility is less. There are lots of opportunities for the right candidate and if you are one of those who have the .passion and the motivation to serve the ailing and help them see a better tomorrow this job is definitely for you. Its mandatory that you have .peted 18 years in age and have a high school or GED degree to you name. This makes you eligible for CNA training program. The course instills knowledge on various aspects of health care like hygiene, nutrition, persona care, infection control, emergency care, use of personal protective equipments, fire safety, patient client rights and patient .munication. All this and more makes the best CNA out of a person. At the end of the course, the candidate is expected to appear for a final test and pass it. If you manage to pass the test you get registered with the State Nursing Board Registry and awarded with CNA certification. This is the key to an exciting career ahead and you can now start searching for jobs that best suit your profile and long term career goals. You must invest good amount of time and prepare an impressive resume highlighting all your positive points, strengths, skills, achievements and experience if any. CNA job description for resume should bring the responsibilities you have carried out, jobs you are a pro at and job ac.plishments. Once, you are on the job hunt, you may refer to local newspapers and magazines for job vacancies, you may also get in touch with family and friends who might be aware as to where to apply for CNA jobs. You could also log in to job portals and browse the inter. and you will find loads of job vacancies. However, if you have any confusion or apprehension you may also take assistance of CNA job agencies who provide professional assistance in your quest to get the most suitable job for you About the Author: 相关的主题文章: