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Customer Service Pure tin is a very soft metal and silvery white in appearance, having a melting point that is as low as 232C. It has a very distinct taste and emits a very disagreeable odor when rubbed amidst fingers. When it is bent, there is a particular crackling sound later developing heat. It is pretty malleable, which means it can be readily reduced to form extremely thin foils and is quite ductile as well. As the tenacity of tin is very slight, it cannot be easily drawn in super fine wires like copper, silver or gold. Though it is soft, it is not elastic in nature but crystallizes readily to form cubical or square based prisms. It is non toxic in nature and shows great resistance against corrosion. In fact, it also provides with an even and solderable coating over a lot of metals. Pure tin is put to quite many uses and so are its alloys with various other elements. The tin alloys manufacturer companies combine pure tin with different elements so that useful alloys are made and put to better applications. Some of the major alloys of tin include die casting, pewter, white metal, phosphor bronze, bell metal, bronze, Babbitt metal and soft solder. The common uses of tin alloys are: 1. Used for soldering the electric circuits or joining pipes. 2. In the making of glass and various chemical applications of tin. 3. Used for the coating of zinc or steel and lead to prevent the process of corrosion as it bonds easily with iron. 4. Tin plated containers of steel are used extensively for the purpose of preserving food. 5. Tin foils are used as a very common food wrapping material. 6. A lot of metal pipes have the composition where tin is an important constituent. 7. Used in creation of the floating glass by the Pilkington process. There are many industries that require pure tin element or its alloys so that they can manufacture their respective products but have least guidance regarding where they shall head towards. They are always in search of good tin suppliers so that their work progresses and they never fall short of raw material. To their delight, Met trade India is a great company that is known much for being as the reliable and the most trusted tin solder alloy manufacturers. We are a leading pure tin manufacturer of India who believes in providing only the quality products to their customers and clients so that they are duly satisfied and have what they want. The best feature of Met trade India is that we follow a very stringent quality standard in every operation area so ensure that clients never have a reason to complain. If you also have a business running that requires dealing with pure tin manufacturers then you can simply contact the great tin suppliers, Met trade India online. You can visit them at mettradeindia.com and fill in the inquiry form they have there. You can fill all the information that they ask for along with the product details you wish to avail. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: