Putin the relationship between Russia and the EU will be normalized sooner or later-kasey chase

Putin: the relationship between Russia and the EU will sooner or later have to be normalized – Beijing, Beijing, February 18, according to Russian media reports, Russian President Putin said that the EU sanctions against Russia and Ukraine to solve problems together is meaningless, sooner or later, the normalization of relations between Russia and europe. At a press conference after meeting with Hungarian prime minister, Hungarian prime minister Putin said that the cancellation of the EU sanctions and the process of completing the Minsk agreement were, at present, meaningless. "We treat the problem calmly, believe that sooner or later the normalization of relations between Russia and europe." Putin said. The relationship between Russia and the West deteriorated due to the situation in Ukraine. At the end of July 2014, the European Union and the United States from the point of sanctions on natural person and legal person individual to all sectors of the Russian economic sanctions. In response, Russia has restricted imports of food from countries that impose sanctions on it. In June 2015, as a response to the measures to extend sanctions against Russia, Russia extended the deadline for the food embargo by a year, to August 5, 2016.

普京:俄罗斯与欧盟关系迟早将会正常化-中新网   中新网2月18日电 据俄媒报道,俄罗斯总统普京表示,将欧盟对俄罗斯的制裁与解决乌克兰问题联系在一起是毫无意义的,俄欧关系迟早都会正常化。   普京在在会见匈牙利总理奥尔班后举行的记者会上表示,将取消欧盟制裁与完成明斯克协议的进程联系在一起,在目前看来是“毫无意义”的。   “我们平静地地对待这个问题,相信俄欧关系迟早都会正常化。”普京说。   俄罗斯与西方关系因乌克兰局势恶化。2014年7月底,欧盟与美国从对单独的自然人与法人的定点制裁转向对俄罗斯经济所有领域的制裁。   作为回应,俄罗斯限制从那些对其施行制裁的国家进口食品。2015年6月,作为对延长对俄制裁措施的回应,俄罗斯将食品禁运的期限延长了一年,至2016年8月5日。相关的主题文章: