Qiqihar 2 male jewelry processing tricks 6 grams of gold ring repair go 4.8 G-stand by me shinee

Qiqihar two male jewelry processing tricks 6 grams of gold ring repair go 4.8 grams of life daily news September 29th a person responsible for a person Xiu Jin jewelry, the jewelry cover, when repaired, the original number of grams less. Recently, two men loaned jewelry to repair the machine, stole gold easily, was arrested by the wealthy police, has been under criminal detention. 20, Fuyu County Public Security Bureau friendship police station received a report of the district residents Lee, said his family weighs about 6 grams of gold ring, after the maintenance of others only 1.2 grams. By police investigators learned that the incident that day at noon, two 50 year old man driving a motorcycle through the streets, shouting maintenance gold jewelry processing. Lee happened to have a gold ring broken, and then brought them to repair. According to Li recalled, in the maintenance process, a man melting the gold ring, and then re shaping, polishing, and the other man kept chatting with him. The gold ring repaired, two men walked in a hurry, Lee felt this ring significantly lighter, get a gold shop, the original weight of about 6 grams of ring only 1.2 grams, Lee immediately reported the matter. After investigation, the police on the same day 15 o’clock, in a hotel will be arrested two suspects. According to the account, two per capita in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, since June this year, has fled to Heihe, Nenjiang, Fuyu County and other places in rural areas, in the process of maintenance of gold jewelry to others, take to maintain the basic shape, big for small way to steal gold, a total of more than 10 cases of crime, theft of gold weight about 100 grams, involving about 30 thousand yuan. At present, the suspects have been under criminal detention by the wealthy police, and the case is under further treatment.

齐市两男加工首饰做手脚 6克金戒指修走4.8克   生活报9月29日讯 一人负责修金首饰,一人为其打掩护,当首饰修好之后,原本的克数就变少了。近日,两个男子借给人维修首饰之机,顺手偷走黄金,被富裕警方抓获,现已被刑事拘留。   20日,富裕县公安局友谊派出所接到辖区居民李某报案,称自家重约6克的金戒指经他人维修后只剩下1.2克。办案民警经了解得知,案发当日中 午,两名50来岁的男子驾驶一辆摩托车走街串巷,吆喝维修加工金首饰。李某正巧有一枚金戒指破损了,便拿来让他们修。据李某回忆,维修过程中,一个男子将 金戒指熔化掉,然后重新定型、抛光,而另一个男子则不停地与其攀谈。金戒指修好后,两名男子匆忙走了,李某这才感觉戒指明显变轻了,拿到金店一称,原来重 约6克的戒指仅剩1.2克,李某马上报了案。   经调查,民警于当日15时许,在一旅店内将两名犯罪嫌疑人抓获。据交代,两人均是浙江省永康市人,自今年6月以来,先后流窜至黑河、嫩江、富裕 县等地农村,在给他人维修金首饰过程中,采取保持基本外形、化大为小的方法伺机窃取黄金,共作案10余起,盗窃的黄金重约100余克,涉案金额约3万元。 目前,嫌疑人已被富裕警方刑事拘留,案件在进一步处理中。相关的主题文章: