Quanzhou, a man in the store to see pornographic videos repeatedly molested daughter 7 year old clas-8l9840

A man in Quanzhou store customers repeatedly molesting 7 year old daughter of Taiwanese students network November 8th hearing her daughter’s classmates to play at home, the man turned molesting a child of 7 years old, and the young girl, again and again three times lewd. Last week, the Licheng District People’s Court of the child molestation case of the criminal verdict, the defendant was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison for molesting children. The defendant is a person in Yongchun, in Licheng District, a street opened a convenience store, fewer guests, he would peep pornographic video. In the first half of 2015, one day, her daughter was not at home, but her classmates to the store to play, just saw the video of the pan while taking advantage of four no one, quietly around the girl behind the obscene. ? Panmou said himself scared Zhang will tell parents. But he also bolder in smooth water, up, and second times, third times lewd. Maybe this girl was a bit scared, came home and told the parents that night, Panmou voluntarily to the local police station to surrender. The sea? The reporter learned that, until now, the girls will go to the store for students to play, because their parents ashamed, how bad girls don’t know Panmou behavior, but also because of knowledge is poorly understood, so the defendant repeatedly. Therefore, parents must teach their children how to protect themselves! (Wang Zhipingwang correspondent Wen Xin Hoi reporter Chen Zixuan Chen Lei)相关的主题文章: