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Quanzhou married woman about 21 years old boy shot after the night was a nude extortion channel network September 29th hearing WeChat shake, met the handsome boy of the age of 21, after meeting the night. A few days later, the man with her nude blackmail 5000 yuan, 35 year old Xiao Fang (a pseudonym) reported to the police. The day before yesterday, more than 11, Jinjiang, Huian, a man aged 21 in the East China Sea in Quanzhou, a rental police arrested. At present, he is arrested for blackmail and impose exactions on jingfangxingju. Xiao Fang is a housewife, live in Jinjiang. Her husband is a workaholic, often busy with work, do not go home. Xiaofang to pass the time, often talk about WeChat. One day in July this year, WeChat Xiaofang met lee. After two people chat, Li Moufa to photos. Two people chat hot, often talk to the middle of the night, but also often share some things in life. One day in early August, the two met about the first time to meet, the two men spent the night together. Because the husband Xiaofang doesn’t always go home, also found no abnormalities. I did not expect that, in the sweet Xiaofang, a few days later, Li Moufa received his nude in WeChat. It turned out that night, Lee while she fell asleep with a cell phone photographed nude. Lee to blackmail her 5000 yuan, if you do not give her nude to her husband. If Xiao Fang family know, but if they continue to blackmail. After hesitation, she kept her husband alarm. Fortunately, Lee also will not spread out my photos. According to Lee explained that there is no formal work, there is no money. And after he knew Xiaofang, Xiaofang house home, and her husband and children, he thought the use of some money to get her nude. The thought of Xiao Fang considering her husband and children, certainly not alarm. I didn’t expect to get caught so soon. (reporter Lin Tianzhen correspondent Chen Huiwan Qiu Ziheng sea)相关的主题文章: