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UnCategorized If you don’t have personal experience with hypnosis, you may be under the impression that it’s some kooky pseudo-science for gullible people. At least, that’s what lots of people mistakenly think. But if you’ve found this article, you’ve come to the right place, because I’m going to tell you what hypnosis is really all about. Science is finally beginning to get to the bottom of this phenomenon, and we’re learning fascinating new things about its effects in the brain. So read on, and I’ll explain how hypnosis for smoking works. The Internal Pharmacy Before you quit smoking with hypnosis, know this: Your addiction is all in your mind. I understand that this is a somewhat controversial statement, but it’s backed by all the latest science. Technically, you’re not addicted to nicotine. You’re addicted to chemicals (especially dopamine) that are made naturally inside of your brain, even when you don’t smoke. Nicotine stimulates the production of these chemicals, which after a while reduces your ability to produce them naturally. But nicotine is not the only thing that stimulate these chemicals. In fact, you can cause the exact same physiological response by doing things like exercising, eating a delicious meal, or accomplishing a goal. The problem is that nicotine is a bully. It wants to be the only one to stimulate the receptors to these chemicals in your brain, and it does everything it can to desensitize you to other sources of stimulation. Plus, smoking is easy, and things like exercising are hard, so you become accustomed to using nicotine to get your reward. Hypnosis for smoking restores the brain’s ability to derive pleasure from other things, and it turns you against nicotine. But how does this work? Thought is Powerful The secret behind this whole chemical stimulation thing is that these chemicals are always in your brain. I mean, it’s not like nicotine is the secret ingredient that completes the formula. It’s not. Everything you need to produce these chemicals is already inside of you. When you quit smoking with hypnosis, you take advantage of this fact. All of these things are inside of your brain at all times, and hypnosis gives you the shortcut to regulating how they work. Basically, it causes you to focus all your thoughts on changing your patterns of thought and feeling, which changes what happens in your brain. Firstly, hypnosis for smoking tells the receptors that nicotine is junk. This is why, after a few sessions, your nicotine withdrawal becomes hollow. You still sort of feel cravings, but the emotional desire to smoke isn’t there. This is because your hypnosis has created a sort of big, burly bouncer to keep that no-good nicotine from entering the receptors. Secondly, hypnosis prepares you to derive pleasure from other things that have nothing to do with nicotine. It allows you to tinker with your receptors in such a way that they heal more quickly and are better prepared to give you your dopamine rewards for other things besides nicotine. That’s why people who quit smoking with hypnosis get through withdrawal faster. So why not give it a chance? If you still have doubts, there are free stop smoking hypnosis programs that you can try at home without having to spend any money. It can’t hurt to try. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: