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Decimating Coach: give young players a chance next year Zhu Yongchang Chongchao success – Sports Sohu Beijing October 28th afternoon, before the conference in the final round of the competition in Shijiazhuang Yutong stadium news release hall, Guangzhou bodied coach Stojkovic and foreign aid Ray Nardi Neo attended the news conference, and introduces the situation of the team. Before the news conference, Guangzhou R & F team coach Stojkovic said tomorrow when said: "first we regret Shijiazhuang Yongchang has been demoted, hope they play a good game next year, return to the super. We’ve been preparing for the past few days as usual, but we have some players who have a fever and a few injuries and we hope to be able to play 11 games tomorrow." Rinaldy Neo went on to say: "the home has just finished and the final game of the season, hoping to play the best level, the perfect end of the season. In fact, whether it is not the last game of the season, we will try to play well." This is not the result of the pressure, will continue to use more young players? Stojkovic said: I think I will give young players a chance, but who will play tomorrow, I have one day to consider. The two teams are expected to win, Shijiazhuang will fight for honor, we will do our best, when both teams have no pressure, the game will be very interesting, the two sides will play very open, very exciting. Of course, it is very clear that we will not use the reserve team to play, every game seriously, go all out, if you do not take seriously, there may be some people make fun of us. How to evaluate this season? The next season of ideas you AFC Champions League qualification? Stojkovic responded by saying: "this season we have a good overall performance, the beginning of the season may be outside the view that it will be very difficult bodied. Now from the performance point of view, including the performance on the pitch, or very good. As for next season ‘s goal, finish the game tomorrow and see where we are short, and then we can improve." In the R & F relegation after losing the fight AFC Champions League qualification, the two is not trying to more formation, preparing for the next year? Stojkovic said: "of course we can make different formations, tomorrow the last not to change the system, try other formation will not help the next year. We still play the same game. There is a little like that, we never call 532, we were 343, sometimes I saw on the Internet that is decimating the 532 formation, I have some doubts. Each system has its advantages, the key lies in the implementation of the players. We are very happy to create their own style, but also by the fans like, we play is open, offensive football. Finally, I would like to say that the Shijiazhuang Yongchang very sorry, the other side is certainly a very good club, a very good team, I wish they can be successful next year. I remember at home in Guangzhou, the two sides are very exciting, I hope the two teams will also give the audience a good game tomorrow." (Wen Xin)相关的主题文章: