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[real] brother Kan today you buy Vanke A? [Abstract] the more turbid, more will arrive in the clear day. The drama will end, finish, and will change the protagonist, again. How many years later, but is also a spray era in the waves, how many old things, pay in the joke has gone up! Today, Vanke A close at 26.94 yuan, although the increase is only 4.82%, but also outperformed the A shares in most of the disk. Vanke stake in the battle, Vanke A is the biggest winner. A booming stock market in 2015, thousands of stock trading situation have occurred, Vanke A is "Buddha mind sitting" ascetic shape, in 14, the price of 15 yuan per share. But since being called "selling Deep-Fried Dough Sticks started Boland Department Mr. Yao Zhenhua waved into rallying after the stock seems to draw from the realms of power, even once dally soared, it is also the entire disk Starving people fill the land. word limit board, sealed, how many people envy. Up to now the price, up how much, the public loved to take them out of the computer to count. The key is, this may not be the force of all Vanke A. Did you see today’s disk, morning and afternoon have a big strong buying, instantly pulled up, who is the mysterious buyers? Let us guess, is Hengda? There is only the coveted Vanke equity Hengda have the guts, desire and money. Before the finance a bid Wang Cao Shanshi said: Hengda may hold Vanke shares at around 15%, the first before the new world spend tens of billions of funds into China Vanke, even in the father Zheng Yutong funeral did not stop buying pace, this is definitely not an unusual move; it is reported that Hongkong behind the "big D" or the mainland capital the financial market — the figure, tomorrow Xiao Jianhua is likely to have been through its venture capital into the diplomatic battle. This is great, very rough thigh gold master, the new world, "D", the Department of tomorrow…… Like a pack of wolves, the surrounding Vanke fat sheep. One of the most critical core is that you should pay attention to, may be held in the shares of 15% stake in hengda". Now you see how much accounted for Hengda? The cumulative number of Vanke A shares 988 million shares, accounting for Vanke A mobile equity of $10.16%, and is equivalent to the total share capital of Vanke 8.94%. The road is still very far away! If the Cao rocks is correct, then Hengda will continue to increase the bargaining chip to buy buy buy buy Vanke A, this also means that Vanke A shares will continue to rise! So, did you buy A today? (pure greetings, do not buy recommendation) look back Hengda, you say it is the Liberation Army or the people’s Liberation Army or PLA? Once Vanke in order to resist the "invaders" Po to all at self smashing shares to force treasure warehouse explosion, just for a moment, treasure can indeed close to the line in the warehouse explosion, Hengda "spoiler" treasure safe landing, but also earned pours. For Hengda himself, despite repeated emphasis on the announcement, he bought Vanke purely financial investment, but who believe? In the equity contention when Gunfire licks the heavens. From August 4th the first public holdings Vanke A has soared to now, is the fourth largest shareholder, once the first housing prices fourth universe.相关的主题文章: