Real Madrid sinkhole! The 4 time in the season to send a pit pit pit pit pit pit pit (Spain) sunny came home

Real Madrid sinkhole! Season 4 send a penalty after the pit pit pit [collection] Real Madrid Spain Italy 1-1 Spain Buffon Derosi Bing La Moss sent a penalty after making mistakes innocently, this season has appeared 4 times sports news October 7th half of Tencent take advantage of Spain, the last minute was Italy tied and anti repression, nearly reversed, turning point is Ramos sent a penalty this season, Real Madrid captain (data) has been 4 times in the area of foul penalty, pit pit after Real Madrid in Spain, there is enough pit. The two sides captain Ramos and Buffon turns the gifts, the 164th international tournament for Juventus goalkeeper (website data), the first attack errors, white Seville winger Vitolo ball, 138th international matches played Ramos "unwilling people", before the end of the box down to a home Eder, gift, let the in 100 international tournament ceremony De Rossi scored his first penalty, is eager to chase the equaliser. Vitolo Ventura scored after successive substitutions, Italy began to strengthen the offensive front pressure, led by Ramos and Peake comfort half line, start to feel the pressure, the two defender has booked. But after the Spanish captain don’t eat only 6 minutes interval of convergence, Italy sent a penalty, the attack is not really complicated, Bei Loti right to force a breakthrough slightly after refraction, grab the ball forward Eder, foot ball behind Ramos, just stumble over the international Milan has lost the main location of the well the referee for comments after the season, the linesman to point to the spot, Italy players even gave Ramos a second yellow card to protest the deportation. This season, Ramos has sent out 4 times a penalty to the opponent, in Real Madrid for 3 times, the national team 1 times, of which only 1 Real Madrid goalkeeper saved the penalty casiglia. The difference is, in the 3 game for Real Madrid sent a penalty in Andalusia personally the field goal, but no chance to make amends, because at the end of the Italy offensive momentum fierce, Spain will hold a draw is not easy, it is very difficult to cross the midline back pressure assists. The Ramos and Peake combination, most of the time to play good, basically did not let the opponent first attack spear Pele and Edel won the decent opportunity, two people add up to only 2 shots. The Real Madrid captain the ball 75 times, ball 68 times, passing success rate of 88.2%, long 14 times, in 11 times, even 1 key passes, to replace Peake as Spain from defensive to offensive ball starting point. However, the two should not have errors, or let the Spanish defender become the team missed 3 points: sinners waved hit the opponent Zai Xian, sent a penalty after rash. This is a typical Ramos style, bold powerful but also frequently fatal mistakes, sometimes eight hundred enemy since the loss of one thousand. Attachment: Ramos wonderful data this season, 12 games to send a penalty of 5 yellow cards for the 3 goal (Cuchu) ()相关的主题文章: