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Reconstruction of order all to the good – Hebei storm flood disaster area before the National Day visit – Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Shijiazhuang in September 30 ordered reconstruction all to the good – Hebei storm flood disaster before the National Day visit the Xinhua News Agency reporters Yang Fan and Wang Haoyu in late July, torrential floods in Central Southern Hebei Province, Handan City, the old revolutionary base areas Shexian County is at the heart of the disaster area. National Day Eve, reporters saw a number of new into the disaster areas, the cement road extends to the depths of Taihang Mountain, the local people picking up pepper have been sold to the Quartet, the reconstruction work in an orderly manner, all gradually better. Water, electricity, circuit breakers, suffered the influx of more than 3 meters high flood more Le Zhen Zhang Jia Zhuang Cun, thousands of people have lost contact with the outside world for more than 48 hours. "The town cadres shoulder hand, put the tent, drinking water, instant noodles and other necessities of life brought into the village, the helicopters dropped supplies troops." The village Party Secretary Zhang Hanwen said, the moment’s stability. The reporter found in the village, although the white gravel filled streets still, but the villagers have opened a new road, was destroyed most of the commissary has reopened. After the floods, the village in the terraced fields were mostly destroyed, mountain people the main source of income of Chinese prickly ash tree also damaged more than half of the villagers Zhang Guangjun said: "now have enough to eat and wear, the government to cement, we are picking edge edge reconstruction." Foot forward, away from the tramp over mountains and through ravines, Zhang Jia Zhuang is half an hour away from the Dawa village, not the same experience. The population of only 100 village has 400 years of history, not only was included in the China traditional villages, more in the Taihang Mountains small Potala Palace "in the world. The village Party Secretary Zhang Shusheng told reporters, although the village of old bridge and the old house but the flood volume with safe and sound, the stone along the mountain, washed away hundreds of years by hand piled up more than 1000 meters of the main street, just out of a more than 1 meters deep. "There are thousands of Chinese prickly ash tree in the village, the losses of 100 thousand yuan, but the county reconstruction funds already in place, large machinery has been put into use, the loss will earn." Zhang Shusheng was one of the accounts, money is small, instant noodles, Hanging noodles and other basic supplies after the disaster has been fully donated, the villagers did not hungry is important. Down to the mountain village Dawa deeper on the outer wells Town Liu village many villagers with stones to repair the damaged wall. "The village is only more than and 90 acres of good at all, the main roads and other traffic lines are destroyed." The villagers Chang Yajie said, at that time no way, live frugally under the hood of the house is uninhabitable, they don’t know what to do next. Often let Yajie surprise, in addition to the town cadres, county of Guantao from third days after the disaster of the service team also entered Liu village has more than and 300 human, to participate in disaster relief every day. Currently, the reconstruction of 50 tons of steel reinforcement, cement and mechanical equipment has been in place of 500 pounds. According to the design, Liu village planning new look more beautiful than before the disaster. Today, the village has been wearing Liu River water has become wide calm, along the river a new road leading to the distance. Chang Yajie said: "the day before the village, nearly 200 sets of all kinds of household appliances all have"相关的主题文章: