Red suspect Jiang Qian to return surrendered more than 1400 illegal income confiscated by the Sohu n-darren hayes

Red suspect Jiang Qian to return surrendered more than 1400 illegal income confiscated by the Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Department sources said, by the National Central Bureau of Interpol China included in the "red warrant" Jiang Qian, has 22 active from Canada to surrender. Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department revealed that Jiang Qian is the former Minister of Wuhan Municipal Drainage Development Co., Ltd. demolition coordination department, alleged corruption, abuse of power, fled to Canada in November 2011. In the China Interpol National Central Bureau in 2015 on 100 suspects flight state personnel, major corruption cases involving people and other personnel of the red warrant, the warrant number is A-3156 5-2012. Hubei Province, Wuhan city in accordance with the work of both ideas and the pursuit ZhuiZang, set up a class to carry out investigation, start the illegal income confiscated program, and Canada to strengthen bilateral law enforcement and judicial cooperation, concentrate all forces, take various measures to promote the pursuit of stolen goods. In legal deterrence, policy influence and family influence, Jiang Qian finally returned to surrender. It is reported that the court has ruled that the law authority in December 2015 equivalent to more than 1400 yuan of the money Jiang Qian illegal income shall be confiscated and turned over to the state treasury. According to earlier media reports, Jiang Qian in 2011 before fleeing, who together with his colleagues crazy taking compensation. In December 2013, according to the Wuhan District of Hanyang city procuratorate revealed that at the beginning of 2012, Hanyang District procuratorate anti malfeasance bureau to Wuhan city procuratorate assigned clues, reflecting the people resort to deceit in the demolition engineering Nantaizi lake, to defraud relocation compensation. After investigation, the person in charge of the demolition of buildings ", the owner of a so-called" the company "is Jiang qian. In the land acquisition, the company in the region does not have any buildings, only a fish pond. Obtain compensation for land acquisition projects and together with Jiang Qian Zhao Zhiyong who is the partner in charge of colleagues. Prosecutors to identify, in May 2007, water company to coordinate the relocation of the former Minister Jiang learned Zhao Zhiyong is responsible for the demolition of the southern Taizi lake, he took two identity cards to pick up the registration of the "the company", and the name of the company hired the Taizi company will be expropriated land. Subsequently, they made the plant and other buildings, together with the removal of compensation for more than 600 yuan.相关的主题文章: