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Red Xiangjiang 80 years: a string of big red Guilin tourism circle – Beijing, China News Agency, Guilin 30 September Xinhua: Xiangjiang 80 years: a string of red phoenix mouth ferry Xiangjiang Xiang He Ping Cun Wei Da Guilin red tourism circle author Zhao Linlu the county in Guilin city of Guangxi near Phoenix, the river flows quietly, on both sides of a wild profusion of vegetation. A ferry on the river and shear across the wire rope, carrying the villagers frequently travel on both sides of the straits. Reach the shore shore Peace Village, stands a monument: national key cultural relics protection units in Xiangjiang battle site — Phoenix mouth ferry. There had been a tragic battle. From November 25, 1934 to December 1st, the Central Red Army in the upper reaches of Xiangjiang in Guangxi province Xingan County, the county, Guanyang County, and the Kuomintang army battled for seven days, from the end of the state, Xingan forced Xiangjiang. At this time, the Central Red Army dropped from the starting time of 86 thousand to 30 thousand people, tens of thousands of Red Army soldiers at the edge of Xiangjiang. "The river is full of blood, Xiangjiang almost become a river of blood." 88 year old ma old memories of the elderly. For many years, local people do not eat fish in Xiangjiang. Three years do not drink the water of the river, Xiangjiang food for no more than ten years, thus spread. This year marks the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, the reporter recently visited the Xiangjiang coast, found that the former "Blood River" Xiangjiang has strung Guilin red tourism circle, become a rich local people zhijiang. When the Red Army Long March in northern Guangxi 296 km, which lasted for 19 days. The Red Army had left a footprint of five in the north of Guangxi County, Xiangjiang to build the site of the battle of red tourism is now taking shape: Guangxi Guanyang investment 150 million yuan, the construction of the "battle of Xiangjiang Xinxu battle site?" series of red tourism projects; the battle of Xiangjiang Pu Jue statewide red tourism projects have been incorporated into the national classic red tourism attractions list; Xingan to promote the construction of global tourism demonstration area of the red tourism resources, Longsheng; to develop red ecological tourism to promote industrial poverty. Street is located in Jieshou County town of Xingan Red Army front hall, near Xiangjiang, Jieshou ferry to 100 meters distance. Along the river red recreational trails, to 100 in front of village 5 kilometers away. Jieshou town Party Secretary Chen Jian told reporters that in 2015 the village village people per capita income amounted to 13200 yuan, is vigorously developing ecological tourism, actively develop farmhouse projects. In the battle of the main battlefield of Xinxu frontier town — Guanyang Maple foot in the construction of Xin Wei Tun, zujizhan museum is the exhibition hall design, will be opened. This once remote small village has now become a red cultural tourism village, attracting a large number of tourists every year to travel. For many years engaged in the construction industry in Jiang Xiaohua saw an opportunity to return to the village and opened the first flagship farmhouse, red culture, including the launch of the red Steamed Rice, pumpkin soup, wild herbs, "red rice", popular. Jiang Xiaohua said that before the villagers rely on the cultivation of sweet potatoes, red peppers and migrant workers to maintain their lives, in recent years the village engaged in tourism, income increased year by year, young people out of work also came back. Vice president of Guanyang Institute of long march spirit, China相关的主题文章: