Remember the 918 the humiliation of dreams can never reproduce in Beijing zhongguorentiyishu

Remember the "918": the humiliation of dreams can never reproduce – Beijing this year is Japan launched the "918" incident 85 anniversary. The day before, Liaoning city of Shenyang province archives for the first time to the public in 14 volumes of Shenyang County Office of archives, including the "918" incident in Japan in Fengtian province illegally set police organization, carry out the information collection, plunder of land resources and immigration aggression content organization. (September 18th people’s daily) 85 years ago, the Japanese imperialists in order to realize his dream of rampant, flagrantly launched the "918" incident, to capture China’s northeast, Jiang Jieshi ordered the Northeast Army "no resistance", resulting in the beautiful and fertile northeast into the Japanese imperialist colonies, 30 million compatriots to become slaves in disorderly fashion this is how sad, how shame ah! Do not forget national humiliation, this is not a slogan, but a real thing. We always remember victory, success and glory, if there is no real traces of lens, detailed text, broken, we can hardly believe that the past Chinese modern scenes of tragedy! Although the history has passed, but will not disappear without a trace, a nation, if you forget their own history, in fact, it is equivalent to the loss of the national memory function; the memory of the nation is terrible. Under the stream of history is not only a pile of data, a few pieces of stone, the number of sites, you can keep the history. Good scars forget the pain. These years, the Japanese right-wing forces never wash off war guilt, always want to walk the hegemony of dreams: the Yasukuni Shrine militarism worship and worship, the textbooks had changed; in the East China Sea and South China Sea issue again wantonly "rule breaker" hat imposed on China, especially in the South China Sea issue, the Japanese not only do not play in this farce in a disgraceful role shy again unexpectedly jumped out rumor, makes noise in the international arena. Those officials in Japan is not only in words and deeds to borrow and clearly confuse right and wrong, to confuse and incite malicious destruction of regional stability. "Learning from history, future oriented". History of the old man alone to watch the years of change, when the smoke into the silence of today’s silence. Remember the "918" is not to forget national humiliation, not to forget the lessons of history behind will be beaten, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a firm belief. It is for us to reveal the evil, inquiry indifference conscience, wake up together the hearts of fools. Never allow unscrupulous person to distort history must not be allowed to have an ulterior motive, humiliation Jiumeng reproduction, must not be allowed to repeat violations of human rights, profane civilization and destruction of justice mistakes. (Jinyang Xiao Min)相关的主题文章: