Reminder crystal Miyamoto Premier League season before the 10 round every

Reminder: crystal Miyamoto Premier League season before the 10 round every prediction analysis: vs] football Premier League goal Burnley Crystal Palace start time: 2016-11-05 analysis: FUN88 23:00 game ball: 2.76 3.15 2.39 FUN88 initial compensation: 3.25 3.10 2.33 instant 201617 season Premier League Burnley? The eleventh round will be staged at the end of the week, the home court against Burnley Crystal Palace. Burnley 10 rounds this season recorded a record of 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses, fourteenth in the Premier League standings. Burnley? As the Premier League this season is promoted the horse does not start smoothly, the first 5 league only won 1 times, was upset with a 2-0 win over Liverpool, the recent 5 round opponent is the League upstream team, with 2 wins is the team avoid relegation is quite strong desire. In the past month? Burnley although only 1 league wins, but the overall performance is not bad, has nearly 4 rounds with A Senna, Southampton, Everton and Manchester United have recorded a record of 1 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses, as can be promoted in traditional giants who grabbed 4 points is not easy. ? this season Burnley show goalscorer giants in the second round upset, first beat Liverpool 3-0 in the League last weekend at the 0-0 draw against a strong desire to know the Red Devils Manchester United in the race a total of 37 shots, but was fortunate to secure the door without losing to Burnley, grabbed 1 points in the dream theater. Burnley will return to the home court? Against Crystal Palace, from the previous confrontation, the two teams in the past two years only in the Premier League Burnley played 2 times, recorded 1 flat 1 negative record at a disadvantage, but after the last round after the draw, I believe Burnley have the enough energy to face any League rivals. Hit? Burnley devil race this season in the opening stage, nearly 10 league series face Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, A Senna, Liverpool, Tottenham Qiang, of which 5 had field day, but the number is still able to maintain a middle position, performance is very brisk, especially now the defensive end, nearly 10 rounds only lost 13 the premier league ball, belonging to the upstream level. Burnley? Coach Deitch in an interview recently admitted that the team appeared too many mistakes led to losing, taking into account the opening stage for rival league team 13 goals at the upstream, has been regarded as a qualified standard, but it is difficult to praise on the offensive end of the 10 round, scoring 8 goals in the League almost bottom, Burnley overall autumn is dull. ? as the main force lineup, the midfielder Defour absent because of injury, or will play 442 against Burnley matrix Everton, after all round 451 with little success, coach Deitch is obviously more adept at the use of defensive back formation. ? note that Burnley striker Gray because his remarks, the FA was suspended for 4 games and fined 25 thousand pounds, after the last season top scorer will miss Burnley against Waterford, Arsenal, Everton and Southampton game, the last round of lifted back, but did not bring the goal for the team. Water)相关的主题文章: