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The vitality of ancient Greece’s largest Rhodes Island Tourism Center – Sohu bustling tourist dream Rhodes island in the Aegean Sea activity of ancient original text: Coco Hu Bo after a long journey, the landscape, you can always find the one that makes you very worried about, want of a place to go. In going to Greece before, the total of the imagination of the gods. The blue sky white house of what has happened in the romantic drama, a medieval castle on how blue is a symbol of war in ancient China, Aegean Sea has incomparable dream of the world? All the imagination of Greece, after arriving at Rhodes Island (Rhodes) after the perfect answer. Then, the Luo Decheng I dreamed, and even moved to the ideal home here. First the disappearance of the Colossus and world travel to travel with the tour, I began to heart, no sooner did anything about Rhodes’s work, even on the island for two days, still walk with the ask, why don’t we go to see the famous "Eight Wonders of the world" of the sun god statue. About this holding the torch, standing on the port of the giant statue, but also when I was visiting a souvenir shop, see a lot of postcards and refrigerator stickers have appeared on the scene. The Colossus is 33 meters high, marble and bronze package, even after being used as a lighthouse. Can be stupid as I am, then this colossus actually see light suddenly, the original Greek sun god Helios and their patron, after 12 years of construction, completed in 282 bc. The great earthquake in 226 BC, it has been put down, in AD 654, Rhodes island was invaded by the Arabs, the invaders to the ruins of Syria. I want to see it in two thousand years after the idea, I can not help but laugh at him. This is a page in many of the Colossus renderings in two, I love the people, according to the ancestors as far as possible to restore the Colossus be handed down from age to age at the time. Today, the Colossus has long since disappeared, but Rhodes and Rhodes of the ancient city of Hong Kong is still bustling. What is a travel agency to make a senior practitioner, most willing to become an idiot, that is sincerely convinced. The first time I heard tomai KUKE (Thomas Cook), a tourism practitioners, can not help but respect, the UK’s oldest tourist group was founded in 1841, the travel agency and the concept is by it. It is now and Fosun Group set up a joint venture company, covering more than and 40 destinations worldwide travel and hotel holiday products, covering family, romantic, delicacy, culture, entertainment, sports and many other theme tour. For me, I like the depth of the theme of the tour, the most appropriate. Rhodes Island International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the Aegean coast, there are many travel agencies hire flying here. Out on the tarmac for a moment, have seen tomai KUKE charter figure, out of the airport, the face is tomai KUKE reception area, regardless of whether you book in advance, here, you can find the most suitable trip to Rhodes. The reception staff and tour guides are young and energetic, and the color is very high. Honey相关的主题文章: