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"Robinson Crusoe" National Archives by holding   box office reputation double harvest — Jiangsu window — original title: "Robinson Crusoe" National Archives touted the box office reputation double harvest joy beyond classic adorable pet downtown both the classic IP national adaptation, fresh funny clown or the adorable family story theme make the film full of surprise, netizens have expressed the affection of the film. Azuma: "animal fighting scene layout very personal style is also good, love, love the kids will definitely love adventure." Nitrite: "Robinson Crusoe’s story to people who pulls out new tricks, the children can understand the original can be positive education, a good starting point. PS. wants to keep a parrot!" Blue Xi son: "very interesting, although the plot of the novel by a group of animal figures tell the story, but the story was very interesting, a large segment of the animal after play rhythm is very good, suitable for children’s animated adventure." Optimist: "the effect of 3D feel good, specially for children holiday arrangements, laugh from the beginning to the end!! Really good movie content and written in the book is not the same! But what does it matter? Just look good on the line!" In addition to being touted by the general audience, Robinson also received a professional film critics recognized. War Taiwan Feng: "Robinson Crusoe (2016) is given to the classical works of a new adaptation of ideas, that is not rigidly adhere to the original plot, and the introduction of the most modern animal characters, bring out the relevant ecological topics, this innovation will allow more children to a more popular way to contact masterpiece" Robinson Crusoe "brain hole wide open island adventure." Tian Jinshuang: "in this super adorable cartoon, the harmony between man and nature, the animal through the whole film, expounds the natural way, passing out good, brave, love and inclusive spirit of the kernel, is full of love." Cui Ting: "Robinson Crusoe" this animated film depicted is two fight, one is Robinson and the nature of the struggle, and that the original is consistent; another is led by Robinson are herbivores and carnivores, wildcat battle group. Robinson how to desert island for the rest of his life? This movie let children know the survival and growth of "(Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: