Rouge conference Lu Yi fill knife work cover Zhao Liying big V agent

"Rouge" conference Lu Yi fill knife work cover Zhao Liying bear big Tencent agent V entertainment news by Lu Yi, Zhao Liying starred in the legendary Spy Drama "rouge" will play every night 7:30 heavy landing, Zhejiang Oriental TV and audience of two in September 27th. Yesterday, the show was held in Shanghai Oriental TV broadcasting conference. Producer Huang Lan carrying two starring Lu Yi and Zhao Liying appeared together, the conference site Lu Yi avatar old driver, taking the whole double hanging open, there is no physical interpretation of the precise place by Huang Lan praised as "performance artist" at the same time, Lu Yi in the verse frequent up constantly, have "hand piece" style, which belong to fill knife teach Zhao Liying show the white feather. Lu Yi performed "God intoxicated state" hidden "cover up the knife" Zhao Liying is the just the end of the activities of Lu Yi, Hangzhou immediately rushed to Shanghai, yesterday again attended the Oriental TV conference, the new drama "rouge" platform. The event Lu Yi dressed in a grey suit tailored gentleman appearance, show long legs advantage, a gentle smile and enthusiastic fans interactive platform, no less male kamikaze recovery, in close contact with the idol fans is set off waves of cheering, the audience burst. In the conference site, a good mood Lu Yi Zhao Liying and fans playing "you better than I guess" in the game, guessing link, Lu Yi physical interpretation of "come swaggeringly" meaning, no idol burden he acting for the audience to improvise hanging a "God intoxicated state", vivid interpretation caused the fans again and again scream, look after his show, producer Huang Lan immediately guessed the answer, and the strength of Lu Yi sigh is worthy of a "performance artist". In addition, good at "fill knife" Lu Yi did not forget to show the "Daogong" at the scene, the three spy humorous ridicule his playing is "see what people say, hell that nonsense!" The voice just fell, there was a burst of laughter, did not think God is not only the king and "fill knife hand piece" talent, along with "up to teach" Zhao Liying sighed: "brother Lu Yi up the knife skills hidden, than I am better, I can only show the white feather!" Lu Yi in the play as "the big V strength fly over the walls." it is understood that in the TV series "rouge", because Lu Yi’s is the three agent a to the Communist Party, and if the identity of the complex character of emotions more depressed, in a test of acting. This Lu Yi also said at the scene there is a blue Rouge (Zhao Liying ornaments) in the drama was tortured, even if the heart is very distressed, but I can only silently watch, told her not much, only by stroking her head, pat back to give her comfort and warmth." In addition to the need to rely on superb acting to show "Zhou Yuhao" the inner world is also quite complex, Lu Yi in the play action aspect, in order to restore the true sense of play, Lu Yi almost every military Qinliqinwei: "this is really a play I play the most, and each play special ruthless, and fly over the walls plot, I think I can be developed to the action field." Producer Huang Lan also strongly praised Lu Yi’s "secret" talent: "the growth process of general Spy Drama characters have more, and we have the opposite"相关的主题文章: