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Russian media: every 22 Chinese tourists to feed a tourist destination practitioners – Reference News Network reported on Russian media said that in the world today, there is no place for Chinese tourists can not. China’s tourism boom started in 2008. At that time, many countries began to implement visa waiver or visa procedures for Chinese citizens, and now there are 57 countries to do so. According to Russia’s New Oriental watch website reported on September 8th, China’s increasingly volatile tourism boom brought into the global economy, changing the face of the latter. 2015, China’s 100 million trips abroad, foreign consumption of $215 billion. 2016, this figure rose 30% year on year, China is the largest number of outbound tourists and foreign consumption per capita. If the Chinese government in the next 5 years will double gross domestic product plan to work, the people’s living standards also will rise, China traveled abroad in 2020 may have at least doubled. The most popular places for tourists from mainland China are South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, China, Macao, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. In Australia and Oceania, Chinese tourists in the forefront of the proportion of foreign tourists. As for European countries, Chinese tourists like to go to France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and russia. According to the China Tourism Association statistics, the highest Chinese tourist satisfaction is Britain, Germany and Australia, followed by Canada, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, United States, Argentina, Brazil, Russia and Kampuchea. Reported that the level of Chinese services is low, especially in the western countries, which makes Chinese tourists most dissatisfied. Therefore, competing to attract Chinese tourists are taking appropriate measures. In 2015, the British Tourism Bureau to facilitate Chinese tourists to some scenic spots to take the Chinese nickname. The famous Saville street in London was named as the "rich handsome Street", the highest building "London The Shard" Chinese called "star tower". The Swiss Reinsurance headquarters in London’s iconic building is known as the "cucumber". These measures increased the number of Chinese tourists to Britain by 40% in 2015. According to statistics, every 22 Chinese tourists will be able to travel to the country or the region’s tourism industry to create a long-term jobs. It seems that the competition for Chinese tourists increasingly difficult to understand. For example, Italy and France from 2015 to 2016 invited some Chinese police to take part in the streets of major cities tourist attractions. This extraordinary move is to let visitors from afar China feel safe and comfortable. The police Chinese invited to master the local language, Chinese wearing uniforms, so compatriots will be able to recognize and use Chinese when necessary for help. The experience can be used for reference in russia. Only in the first quarter of 2016, the number of Chinese tourists to Russia surged 80% over the same period last year. Although the number of Chinese tourists to Russia has been growing rapidly in recent years, but an increase of 80% is still unprecedented. On the one hand, promote the attraction of China’s tourism industry相关的主题文章: