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Workplace-Communication Where do you spend half of your waking hours? At the work place, right? You punch in at 9 oclock and punch out at 5 oclock, and spend the 8 hours in between working at the office or factory. It is therefore important that you are aware of the procedures when an emergency occurs and the company is also required to follow certain workplace safety regulations. For the safety and health of employees, administrators and managers should set up focus on safety which can include safety programs, policies, and plans; safety processes, procedures, and practices; safety inspections for workplace hazards; hazards identification and control; and safety education and training. Yet, setting up a good safety policy in your company doesnt need to be costly, time-consuming, or bureaucratic. As a matter of fact, it makes perfect business sense, read on and find out how. Why should a business owner or manager emphasize the formulation of safety policy in the company? 1. Better Employer Reputation – As an employer, manager, and administrator, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees inside the workplace. When you set up a sound safety strategy, you gain the confidence and loyalty of your workers by showing your concern. 2. Boost Productivity – You can boost your productivity and sales when a sensible safety strategy is in place. Employees encounter fewer accidents, especially manual handling accidents, in the workplace. This translates to better workforce performance with fewer absences and hospitalizations. 3. Reduction in Civil Claims – When you have a good safety policy in the company, and that means formulation of safety measures; your employees are not as prone to accidents and other work-related misfortunes. Again that means, fewer hospitalizations and health claims. These are just some of the reasons why you should sit down and design the safety policy of your company. To help you do that, here are three of the most important areas of safety policy making you should prioritize. 1. Risk Assessment or Hazards Identification – Although the state does not require that you must remove all risks in the workplace, you are obligated to look after your employees. Conducting a work assessment helps you evaluate your area and update your policy according to the finding of your evaluation. It identifies potential hazards and lets you address the possibility by updating your policy, and conduct related work-related training. 2. Risk Assessment and Management Training – To improve your companys capacity to identify risks and address them in the event that they arise. It also enhances your employees competence. There are many training courses which will enable you to do that. Examples of these are Fire Risk Assessment Training Course, Manual Handling Training Course, and Confined Space Training Courses. 3. Employee Participation in the Strategy Planning – Involving the employees in strategy planning will result in a more comprehensive and thorough set of policies. The input of employees is also very important since they are the ones who are directly influenced by the possible hazards. They also know the best source of information of the ins and outs of the workplace. Simply put, it is the companys corporate responsibility to ensure that their workers are looked after. Corporate responsibility deals with a wide range of issues, including the effects that an organizations business has on the environment, human rights and third world poverty. Health and safety in the office is an important business responsibility issue. Safety in the workplace is not just a corporate responsibility but also a moral one. You have in your hands the lives and careers of many people; therefore it is your duty that you look after them. The employer and the employees must work hand in hand to come up with a sound safety policy. About the Author: Jo is a writer for "Phoenix Safety Services Ltd"’ (, a foremost expert in personalized Health and Safety Training that are given to various customers across UK and Europe. If your office is searching for experts who can give Fire Risk Assessment Training to their representatives and train them with the practical data and expertise to do fire risk assessments and prepare fire safety procedures or if you would like to curb the danger of fire from occurring in your establishment then have a look at Phoenix Safety Services Ltd. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: